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My Workflows for Writing and Programming

I always find people's workflows interesting. It's such a personal process, unaffected by outside demands, that I think it sometimes reveals something about its creator. A lot of readers write or program, so I thought that my processes might be interesting.


Most people who write WordPress blogs write them in the built in WYSIWYG editor. That's how I started, too, but since then I've evolved my process to be more efficient, pleasant, and safe-- as in, lacking the danger of losing a post because you accidentally hit the back button.

An Introduction To Programming, Part I

On Julien Campion (EN)

I debated over whether I really wanted to write this post. I mean, I would fall into my bad patterns of talking about technical topics towards a non-technical audience; but, on the other hand, I'd like to do this kind of posts once in a while because that's basically what my life is about.

So, in order to not get my audience lost, I wanted to get you familiar with the concepts I'm talking about when I discuss computer technology and things, if you aren't already. If you decide to stick with me during the length of this post, I promise it'll be interesting and easy enough to follow.

So with that said, let's learn about how programs are made. Programs like your computer's web browser, multimedia application or even operating system.

Introduction: which language do you speak?

First things first: Programming is the act of "writing" programs. We are programmers, that means that we program, or that we write "code".

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