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Tynan Island

Somewhere off the coast of Central America is an island. Right now it's uninhabited, besides some monkeys. Long beaches reach from the palm trees to the ocean.

The island is many acres in size, so big that if you were in the middle of the jungle you'd forget that you're even on an island. If you looked out from the hills in the middle you'd remember it instantly.

One day that island will be Tynan Island.

The Foolproof Guide on How to Make More Friends While Traveling

On Travel 'n' Wellness

What if I could clue you in to a foolproof way on how to make more friends in a brand new country, within a week of arriving?

I've personally carried out this experiment three different times, and it's worked like a charm regardless of circumstances.

This method isn't a secret; in fact, it's a common passion shared by citizens of every country.

And it's been around for HUNDREDS, if not, THOUSANDS of years.

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