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Rescue your Time

For the past three months I have been using Rescue Time, which is a really amazing tool to track your time usage.

It runs in the background and logs every single thing you do on your computer. Then when you log in to the web dashboard you can categorize the sites and programs you use and also rate them according to productivity.

From there it draws out a few stats and lets you see where your time is being spent.

How Windows' Games Kicked My @%^#&

On Chasing a New Dream

Just look at those fun little icons many of us windows office workers have come to love. I know the Spider Solitaire and Minesweeper icons are kinda tough looking, but they are tough in a "fun" way. That's why the sucker punch they gave me was so unexpected. I mean they are just a nice little games to give me a break when my brain is a little tired or when I need a break before starting the next project. How could it turn out like this?

I noticed this after winning a quick game of FreeCell...

And this after the computer beat me in a friendly game of Chess Titans...

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