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Smuggling from the Catacombs

The police lined us up in the pitch black tunnel. Their headlamps flicked around as they gave their orders in French. We were getting searched.

They went up the line searching my friends. First they were patted down, and then their bags were sifted through. Nothing to worry about, as they had nothing to hide.

I was next. I did have something to worry about. Inside my bag, right near the top, were human bones.

Buying Art And Other Adventures

On Alfie

Art Works!: The photographer explaining a particular piece to curious visitors during the opening.

Buying art in the Philippines is not surprisingly, a good example of how Filipino society works. In short, you have to use your connections.

A few months ago, one of my good friends decided to come out and start exhibiting his photographs. A Catholic Priest blessed with the resources and hunger for traveling, he has over the course of his travels taken dozens of beautiful photos. He confessed to me that he was hesitant to exhibit his work, worried that none of it was good enough. He eventually got over this and sent out invitations to a few close friends and family.

Art Works!: A sample of his invitation, that would eventually be showcased in a national paper.

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