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Smuggling from the Catacombs

The police lined us up in the pitch black tunnel. Their headlamps flicked around as they gave their orders in French. We were getting searched.

They went up the line searching my friends. First they were patted down, and then their bags were sifted through. Nothing to worry about, as they had nothing to hide.

I was next. I did have something to worry about. Inside my bag, right near the top, were human bones.

You & Me #3

On Radical Pursuit Of Knowledge

This one is about my Dog. I'd be lying if I said I always was a dog lover. I mean, I thought dogs were cool and stuff, but I wouldn't really call myself a 'lover'. But in the last couple of years, I figured getting a dog home would be pretty cool. And so after weeks of trying to convince the parents, I finally decided to get one.

He was pretty much the breed I wanted. We got him cause of a stroke of random good luck. His previous owners were pretty nice, but they were forced to give one away. So we brought home probably the cutest and the most handsome looking little white pup ever.

Now the thing about a new puppy owner is that they're just as scared as the dog is. He slept in my room, but I was up all night seeing to it that he was comfortable. He was restless, kept changing positions and so was I. I had a feeling for some reason that my dog didn't really care for me. I mean the moment my dad walked in my dog was all over him (he behaves the same way even today). My Dad has been scared of dogs throughout his life, but there is no one in the family as fond of my dog as my Dad is. My dog used to follow my mom around in the house and would always run to her. Heck, even my sister was shown some respect but only the first 2 days. I looked up on articles upon articles online to try and understand what to do. I tried every sort of training technique on him but it didn't seem to work. See the thing is, another attribute required is patience. This is something I am slowly beginning to develop. I felt bad that my dog didn't really like me. Its been more than 2 months now that we've had him. I can honestly say that my dog respects me the most. And yes, he has begun to love me the same too. I guess, he was pissed off at me for a while cause of my over enthusiasm to get him comfortable and train him, that I forgot he needs his freedom too. I behaved like a strict disciplinarian to teach him proper manners so he turns out to be an obedient pup, but forgot that patience is equally important. My Dad gave me the example of my cousin, who was probably the naughtiest kid in the world. Think problem child but without all the sexual implications. He is 10 years old now and one of the nicest kids I have ever met in my life. This kid is going to grow up into the world's nicest human being. My dad told me, if we had punished him too often he would probably become even more aggressive as he grew up. But look at him, he has been nicely reprimanded and now he is well-behaved and obedient. Same works with Dogs.

My dog has been humped by another male dog, he has humped other dogs(male and female), he has bitten me once (shockingly golden's don't ever do that), he has growled umpteen times at all of us, he has jumped like crazy on me and kissed me and licked me and hugged me and kept his tiny little paws on me, slept below my feet, next to me, on me, with his head on my thighs, he sits on my face to wake me up if the sheets are on my face, if they aren't he lick my face off, he barks at me to take him down, he gives the most puppiest of all puppy eyes in the world. I was initially emphatic about my dog, but I have fallen in love with him now.

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