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VIDEO: Twenty Four Hours in Beijing Part I

I woke up on Friday in an incredible amount of pain. My ankle, which I injured the night before during a particularly vigorous game of trampoline-dodgeball, had swollen the point that it looked like a bruised potato with toes dangling off.

Even the slight pressure of my blankets sent rushes of pain through my foot. I tried to get out of bed, failed amid a cloud of expletives, and got back in bed where I tried to fight off the pain by gritting my teeth and growling.

This was the day I was supposed to go to Tokyo by way of Beijing, where I had a twenty-four hour layover. As much as I had been looking forward to this trip, it occurred to me that I might not be physically capable of making it to the airport.

A simple musing based on an interaction with my children

On Kicking Thoughts

Words can hurt faster than they can heal.

People say things often in the heat of the moment which would have been best left unsaid. Some things, just cannot be "unsaid".

Over the course of ten minutes, I had four talks with my children regarding how they use their words and what sort of affect they can have on people. One conversation was about speaking to each other respectfully. Another was about embellishing the truth. The last two, were probably the most important and related specifically to an interaction between my daughter and my son.

My son told one of my daughters secrets. He didn't do it to be malicious, but the betrayal was definitely felt by my daughter. Because of that, her words and actions towards him were embittered. He's a pretty sensitive kid, so her tongue lashing really hit home.

I had an opportunity to talk to them both about trust. But specifically about how their actions and what they say can engender different kinds of trust. My daughter now knows that she can trust my son to reveal her secrets if she shares them with him. My son can trust that my daughters wrath will quickly follow if she shares her secrets.

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