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Get a Tutor. They are Amazing.

After years of butchering a few foreign languages, I've developed a keen ear for them. I can't necessarily understand what people are saying, but if someone is speaking in one of the languages I can get by in, I can hear it across the room.

An older man and a younger Japanese woman were sitting in the corner of Samovar, the tea place I go to every day. And, sure enough, they were speaking Japanese. They seemed like an unlikely couple, so I paid attention and eavesdropped a bit. When the woman excused herself for a minute I dove in for some answers.

"Excuse me... I couldn't help but overhear that you were speaking Japanese. Are you being tutored?"

day 14 | mark 4-6

On grow

To be "unclean" means you're alone. You can't hang out with other people. You can't worship God in the temple. You can't touch anything that other people touch. You're cut off.

Back in the day, a menstruating woman was considered unclean, but it wasn't because of the blood. It was because the blood was leaving her. The life was leaving her. Touching her was like touching a dying thing, and that made you unclean because it was like the life was leaving you, too.

So, this woman touches Jesus' cloak and he feels the power leave him. Involuntarily. He didn't send the power out. It was taken from him by an unclean woman who'd been bleeding for many years. When he identifies her, he calls her daughter. On top of that, he tells her that her faith made her well.

He didn't say, "I made you well."

He said, "Your faith has made you well."

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