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Two Kinds of Businesses

A few weeks prior I was at an airport, desperate for something to eat. I got a poor quality sandwich at an above average price. I paid, and it served its purpose: to make me stop feeling starving.

When I visited Haiti I was staying with a couch surfer. My bus arrived just as dark was rolling in. I had my host's phone number, but I didn't have a usable phone. I was the only tourist on the bus (meaning the only white person), and I hadn't heard anyone else speak English. A cabbie spoke in broken English to get me to ride in his cab.

"Can I use your phone?"

day 16 | mark 10-12

On grow

Jesus sits in the temple, watching people put money in the offering boxes. Then, a poor widow puts in a couple pennies and he praises her for it. He says that she has given more than anyone else has because she gave out of her poverty.

The widow is poor because no one is taking care of her. She probably doesn't have a family or many friends. She might be marginalized in society. She has nothing. She has no prospects. Her future is bleak. She's desperate, and she gives out of her desperation.

I think we have a tendency to give from our excess. A little extra change, a spare bedroom, old clothes. I was watching a TED Talk of Amanda Palmer, a famous musician, and she talked about a time when a poor hispanic family opened up their home to her and her band. They gave up their own beds and slept on the floor so that their guests would have a place to sleep. They taught the band how to make tortillas the next day, gave them bibles, and said thank you to them. Amanda was so overwhelmed by this reception.

The family didn't give of their excess. They gave up all that they had. They gave up what they needed.

Whether literal or figurative, what do you desperately need?

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