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Full Responsibility

One of the more helpful habits I've developed is taking responsibility for everything in my life. This is a strong contrast to the average victim / "things happen to me" mentality that a lot of people have.

Basically I assume that anything "bad" that happens in my life is a direct result of actions I took. If I lose money in the stock market I don't think, "Oh man... I'm so unlucky... the stocks went down."

Instead I think, "I bought those stocks and I lost money because of a decision I made."


On On the Side of the Good

My daughter has been touring colleges lately, and none of us can believe this is happening. Those of us who have watched her grow are shaking our heads in disbelief, because “it was only yesterday” that she was running around in overalls and pigtails, reciting the Madeline story by heart. She’s an expert at laughing through life, enjoying each moment, and we are all lucky to witness her milestones.

Milestones are an excuse for true connectivity. We embrace the chance to hold one another close, and dance to the music of shared experiences. We witness life happening. So often that simple act gets lost on us. Milestones give us a chance to stop, look around, take note, and give thanks. Some milestones feel as though we are crossing a line, panting… we made it. And gracefully, our beloved family and friends are there, stoking the fire, being the bellows we need to strengthen our flames for the next leg of the adventure.

About a week and a half ago, I passed by my own significant milestone. And the greatest gift that I received as I marked my 40th trip around the Sun, was the love that I felt having my own beloved friends and family witness this passage. Yes, we laughed. Yes, we danced, and boy did we eat! But we all witnessed life happening. Their presence said, “I am here for you. I am here because of your journey. And I love watching your life happen.” They were my “I-witnesses.”

Don’t underestimate the power and Goodness in being an "I-witness." Our hearts must be open enough to tell our own beloved, “I am an ‘I-witness’ to your Life. I am here to see your life unfold--the good, the bad, and the ugly.” That is more powerful than we realize. I-witness you.

If words are hard for you, start small. Send a text that says, “What’s important to you today?” Make an unexpected phone call that says, “I want to know what was the best part of your day today.” Do something small with great love that says,“I-witness” you. Purposefully knowing, celebrating, and watching life happen each day makes the milestones even sweeter.

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