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The Open Road

I'm lying in bed in the RV right now. Yes, I still live here and love it, but that's another story. The only difference between tonight and a normal night is that my bed is flying down the highway at 60mph, headed for the east coast.

My esteem friends and colleagues, Jonah and Krystal, are accompanying me on my first actual road trip in the RV. We're going through the scary bits of America as quickly as possible (Arkansas, for example), and are trying to get to NYC before Krystal's flight on Monday.

I'm going to hopefully meet up with Ross Jeffries, the first "pickup artist" to ever teach seminars, in New York before he leaves. Online he sometimes comes off like a prick, but in real life he's one of the most warm and genuine guys in the community. I'm also going to stop by and say hi to my aunt, uncle, three cousins, and my grandparents who are visiting them.

My Trip to Boston

On Sara Alina

On the 26th of December my dad and I flew out to the now cold city of Boston to record a new song written by Charlie Puth, Richard Mendelson and me, called “Anyone But You”. It is a fun song about falling in love with the wrong person. I was there for three days and struggling not to get sick since I was coming from warm Florida. We recorded the whole vocal track on the 27th and the back-up vocals on the 28th to finish it off.

After the singing was done, we went to the “Blue Man Group”. Always a good show with a lot of laughter.

All in all, it was a successful trip. Boston is my favorite city, even though it is COLD. I hope to live there one day!

- Much love to all and Happy New Year! Sara Alina

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