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Ice Cold

Wow. Is this three posts in three days? It's like the good old days. Remember those? So, today I wake up and go through my normal routine. Read e-mails, listen to voicemails, eat some breakfast, say hi to my beautiful fishies, etc. Time for the shower.

I turn the water to hot and weigh myself while I wait for it to heat up. 139. Damn. That's really skinny. I eat a lot of salmon. Shouldn't I weigh more? I check the water - it's still cold. I brush my teeth while I wait.

Still cold.

Friday Review 2014.07.04

On LL Change Labs

1. How did I do?

I did fantastic. I completed my morning routine every single day I was on travel and on the day I returned. Several days I did not want to do it even though it's short, but I have been using Leo's technique of noticing my fear of discomfort and observing it (and then doing it anyway). It's so amazing to realize that it's just going to be a little discomfort and *so what?*.

2. What got in the way?

I already discussed in the previous post that I didn't do my Friday review on time, and I need to choose a consistent time for it and create reminders. I think I could do this at night before bed? I will put this on my phone to remember.

3. What can I do next week differently to remove those impediments?

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