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What You Think About When You're Independent

There are two types of people at the poker table, generally. First there are the sharks. They stay quiet and occasionally make comments about the game that intimidate amateur players by revealing just how much they're thinking about. The second group are normal people who are there to have a good time.

Through hours of listening to the second group, I've noticed how different the things are that "normal" people think about, and people like me think about. I'll loosely define "normal" people as people whose lives are dominated by things they HAVE to do, vs. people whose lives are dominated by things they WANT to do.

I thought it might be interesting for people who haven't made the switch to independence to hear what sorts of things rattle around our minds.

Binge living

On Work in Progress

It is Friday evening at work. We start to feel a small titillating sense of excitement. We pack up fast with relaxed smiles on our faces. Then we wish one another a very happy weekend. One such Friday evening a question popped up into my head: "Why do we wish happy weekend and not a happy whole week?"

It never fails to amaze me why can't all these people be equally, if not more, happy on the other days as well. What makes Saturdays and Sundays so awesome and the 5 other days so miserable.

Later most of these people proceed to spend their weekends just lazing around. They wake up late and try to "relax" for rest of the day and go out to party at night

Wait, before you come to any hasty conclusions,I am not against the weekend culture by any stretch of imagination. By all means go have your fun on the weekends, do your partying, eating-out and all that. But there are two things to consider. Why don't we make our weekends even better? and why don't we make the other 5 days awesome as well?

Treat weekends as high productivity cum high fun days , days where you get lot of time to work on what you love and also a chance to meet new and old friends . You don't have to do anything which you don't want to do.

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