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Two Strikes and You're Back Into Pickup

Becoming disappointed in yourself is a unique region in the realm of disappointment, because no amount of time and understanding makes it go away. The only remedy for it is to change yourself-- in fact, this is one of the best sources of motivation for self-improvement. I've recently become disappointed in my self, illustrated by these two strikes.

Strike One

A common excuse from guys who fail to approach girls is that none of the girls are their type, or that none of them are attractive enough. Sometimes this is actually a legitimate reason for not approaching, but far more often it's an ego-preserving shield against actually facing the fear of approach.

My First Cold Approach

On Cameron Chardukian

I’m what most pick up artists would call a keyboard jockey. The guy that watches endless videos about high level game concepts like transcending your ego, but doesn’t even go out. Today I began my work to change that.

According to the socialization goal I set for this month I’m supposed to go out everyday. According to that post leaving the house to hang out with one of my guy friends and shooting a juggling video counts as socializing.

That’s exactly what I did today. But even though making a juggling video with my friend was fun and social to some degree, I knew that if I stopped there I really wouldn’t have experienced much growth in the social aspect of my life. I knew that I could push myself further. So I did.

After we finished shooting our video I drove us to Barnes and Noble. He’s a really understanding guy, so I explained to him what I was doing and he was completely cool with it. I told him that if I didn’t make conversation with at least one person before we left he would need to punch me in the guccis. He agreed.

I also told him to punch me in the arm as hard as he could if I didn’t approach the first person I saw. Thirty-seconds later he winded up and delivered me a world of pain. My arm turned somewhat purple and it’s still sore more than two hours later.

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