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Ok, not really. BUT... there's a big article about me in the Austin newspaper, the Austin American Statesman. I'm on the front of the XLent section, which is the weekend entertainment section. If you're not in Austin, you can read it here : XLent.

I did the interview last May but it kept getting pushed back. Finally I got a call from the art director from the Statesman asking when I could do a photo shoot. That was a couple weeks ago and today, Thursday, the article comes out.

If you FOUND my site because of the article, here are some of my best posts for you to read :

A Few Days Have Past

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A few days have passed since my first post. Some things have change, some not...

I work as an IT consultant and Friday afternoon I aced an interview for a new customer, so next week I'm starting there! That's a good thing!

A few other things have not changed... Friday night I got a call of my good friend. I hadn't heard him in a few weeks so it was a welcoming call as you can imagine. But the call wasn't just for pleasantries. I could have guessed it, but there's always hope ;-). He asked if I could start on a new website for his music group (no, there will be no details).

Today, I went out into the city with a friend it was a good day today.

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