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Rejected from YC

It's not quite fair to write a post full of optimism and entitlement and then not follow up on it when I'm proven to be wrong. So here it goes: we didn't get an interview with Y Combinator.

I still think we're exactly what they're looking for, whether our application accurately conveyed that or not, but the fact is that we got the rejection letter today. I wasn't quite sure we'd make it past the interview round, but I never really considered that we may not get an interview.

Surprised as I am, there's no point in dwelling on the outcome, so this is the last you'll hear me mention YC until we become a company they wish they invested in, at which point I may or may not reserve a sentence to gloat.

A Few Days Have Past

On The Lonely Boy


A few days have passed since my first post. Some things have change, some not...

I work as an IT consultant and Friday afternoon I aced an interview for a new customer, so next week I'm starting there! That's a good thing!

A few other things have not changed... Friday night I got a call of my good friend. I hadn't heard him in a few weeks so it was a welcoming call as you can imagine. But the call wasn't just for pleasantries. I could have guessed it, but there's always hope ;-). He asked if I could start on a new website for his music group (no, there will be no details).

Today, I went out into the city with a friend it was a good day today.

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