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Living Your Life with Full Integrity

When I'm staring into space trying to think of something to write about-- as I am now-- often ideas come across my mind that strike me as so obvious and commonplace that they aren't worth discussing. When I first started writing I had twenty-something years of built up stories, adventures, and lessons to share, but now things are more real-time, so I sometimes write about these obvious topics anyway. I submit the post and then the next morning I brace myself for the "yeah... obviously..." comments that never come. Through this process I've come to believe that some of the best things to share are those which are so ingrained into one's identity that they seem as though they must be obvious to everyone else.

So today I want to write about full integrity, something that has been ingrained into me by my parents and, maybe ironically, the gambling community, but that doesn't seem to have much of a grip on the general population.

Full integrity, as I define it, is doing the right thing when you have no personal motivation, other than honor, to do so. Usually doing the right thing comes at a personal cost.

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