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Jumping the Freight Trains

Today's story is dedicated to my good friend Austin. I moved from Boston to Austin my freshman year of high school and of course had no friends here. On the very first day I made friends with the people who remain my best friends to this day, and I consider that to be perhaps the most fortunate event of my life.

One of those friends is Austin. Now in the military flying whirly-copters, he used to be the one guy (well, actually I could pretty much always count on Terry too) who would always be in for a crazy plan.

This scheme fell right into our laps.

Lucid Living

On Zenthusiasm

I recall recently having a dream, where I was exploring an area something like the Grand Canyon. I was at the top, hiking, enjoying the view of the canyon below, feeling the tiredness in my legs as I walked endlessly, but none the less feeling good. It was a pleasant dream.

My perspective changed when I suddenly became aware that I was dreaming. I remember pausing, taking a moment to try little, impossible things to verify this. There was a rock I owned as a kid, dug out of the clay bank near Lake Kashagawigamog, that I had carried with me for weeks after the visit. I knew the weight, the smooth feel, the dimensions, and I knew, it had been lost almost forty years ago, so there was no way it would be in my pocket. Yet, there is was, and my lucid dream state was confirmed.

One thing I've been able to do since I was a kid, when I would accidentally lucid dream, was fly. At first, it was more like hovering in place, then slight movements. As years past, I learned how to move up and down, then how to adjust my speed. Yes, I actually had to teach myself how to fly properly in my own dreams. Now, as an adult, I can soar as high and as fast as my imagination can take me, and here I was, on the edge of a giant chasm, so I took the plunge. It was exciting, invigorating and memorable.

When I woke up, I felt so alive and refreshed, like I often feel after a good run, or a particularly satisfying writing stint. I felt like I had accomplished something, yet in reality I hadn't - it was all im my mind.

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