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Jumping the Freight Trains

Today's story is dedicated to my good friend Austin. I moved from Boston to Austin my freshman year of high school and of course had no friends here. On the very first day I made friends with the people who remain my best friends to this day, and I consider that to be perhaps the most fortunate event of my life.

One of those friends is Austin. Now in the military flying whirly-copters, he used to be the one guy (well, actually I could pretty much always count on Terry too) who would always be in for a crazy plan.

This scheme fell right into our laps.

Stranger then Fiction New Year!

On betternotstop

Woke up this morning with a spring in my step after a fantastic Nyepi. As described in my last post the night before is a big parade of 'ogoh- ogoh' down the street and they looked awesome...



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