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Living Downtown is Sweet

So, as I mentioned before, I'm have moved downtown. I was looking forward to moving, but didn't really know what to expect. I've been here now for almost a month so I'm officially qualified to write about it.

Let's cut to the chase: living downtown is sweet. The best part, that I hadn't fully considered, is that it's now convenient for everyone to come visit me. When I lived in my house 20 minutes North of town, I had a visitor maybe once or twice a week. Usually we'd meet at a restaurant or something closer to downtown, so I always had to drive. Now I live in such a convenient location that everyone comes to visit me. Often they're doing something else a block away, so it's really easy to come say hi.

Another cool side effect of this is that different social circles I'm in are starting to mingle because they often stop by at the same time. I don't think I've gone 24 hours without someone visiting.

My two separate-but-fused lives

On Stuff in a Notebook

For the past eight months I was dreaming of returning home to the West Coast. Having been born and raised on the West Coast, and having spent my freshman year of college on the East Coast, I couldn't help but miss the Pacific Ocean, the Cascade mountains, my suburban coast town, and the laid-back culture.

Not to say that I didn't enjoy my time at school, or even that I was homesick. I don't think I was. I love my university. The people are friendly, the city is bustling, and there are more opportunities than imaginable. I'm excited to return in the fall. I never spent extended periods of time wishing I was at home, but there were certainly things I missed, and my Californian friend and I had no problem bragging about the west side for a good ten minutes while our East Coast friends rolled their eyes and made comments like "You chose to come here" followed by the cliche "I really want to go to Hollywood, take me home in your suitcase."

Now that I've returned to my beloved West Coast, I find myself sitting around in my house and doing absolutely nothing. I've got a job lined up, but it doesn't start until June. My friends who stayed in state for school are only home on the weekends. As a result, my day consists of sleeping until noon, rolling out of bed at about one, drinking coffee and starting my day as my high school brother arrives home from his productive day, watching tv, eating lunch, walking the dog, and then watching Friends and movies until the wee hours of the morning. Repeat.

This kind of couch potato life kills me. I'm the kind of person who is always on the move.

And as I sit here, doing pretty much nothing, I find myself wondering, what would I be doing if I was at school right now? I stay away from the party scene, so my Friday nights and weekends consisted of movie marathons, trips downtown, late night food runs, sporting events, and hallway chats. I'm not school sick, but there are definitely things I miss about it.

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