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Awesome Sites That You Don't Know About

A while back someone asked me what sites I like to visit. I forgot to answer, so I'll write a post about it.

Bobby Burgess' Journal
This guy was ahead of his time. Back in 2000 he had a blog, and a killer one. In fact, he's probably one of the reasons I write a blog. When you go to his site, hit archive, and start from the beginning. It starts off slow, but you will be unable to stop reading pretty soon. I've read every entry on the whole site. Later he turns into a druggie and his stories become much less frequent and less interesting, but even that transformation is worth reading.

Paul Clow's Sole Goal and PhiMix
These two sites are lumped together because they're similar. They're both sites written by polynappers who also write about other interesting things. I wouldn't have found out about either of these sites if they hadn't written comments on my posts in the past. I check both of these every day.

This site is created by a Japanese flash programmer. The real gems are the Grow games. DO NOT CHEAT AND LOOK UP THE ANSWERS. Once you finish you will be wishing there were more grows to play. The order you play them in doesn't really matter. I think the Cube one is the best. Some of the other games are fun too, like Tontie (Jonah and I used to be obsessed with this one).

7 for seven: September 2 (on September 3)

On like an apple

So, with the holiday, and the packing (move in one week, eek!) I forgot to do my "7 for seven" (key + arrow inspired) happiness list yesterday. Happy to see that Contrary Mom is joining in the fun too. So without further ado:

1. Re-watching the tv series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. I love sci/fi and fantasy shows, and this series, which my boys and I watched in a marathon of late-bedtime nights two (or three?) summers ago, is wonderful. And this past week for some reason we decided to rewatch some of it. Like hanging out with an old friend. (The humorless, boring movie was such a disappointment. Someone should try again with the film idea. Someone funny.)

2. Family. Over the weekend we spent time with some family members, and I get such a joy out of seeing my kids hang out with their cousins. I didn't really know my own cousins that well, or even my grandparents. It is fun to see the joy and care and love that they all experience together. And the fighting. :-)

3. DnDish. My boys share my love of sci-fi and fantasy stories, and in the past they have played a fun "Dungeons & Dragons" type of game with a babysitter, who just made it all up as he went along. My older son asked me about playing d&d, and while I had only played it a couple times as a teen, I could see how it would be a fun evening activity for us. So I looked online for "kids' d&d" games. There are a lot! My favorite was "DnDish", in that it is really, really simplified and allows for kid-style improvisation and flexibility. E.g., there aren't really character "classes": my youngest is a half-ogre/half-human hybrid warrior/wizard. His backstory is that he was "created" by a wizard. At the end of our second adventure, he got to meet his "father," the wizard, and I swear, younger son almost cried. It was sweet. And it's fun! Without a screen in front of us. Yay!

4. Breaking Bad. I figured out that I can get episodes of Breaking Bad on Amazon. $2 each, which is pricey, but, worth it to me. Jessie + Hank, OMG!

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