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Awesome Sites That You Don't Know About

A while back someone asked me what sites I like to visit. I forgot to answer, so I'll write a post about it.

Bobby Burgess' Journal
This guy was ahead of his time. Back in 2000 he had a blog, and a killer one. In fact, he's probably one of the reasons I write a blog. When you go to his site, hit archive, and start from the beginning. It starts off slow, but you will be unable to stop reading pretty soon. I've read every entry on the whole site. Later he turns into a druggie and his stories become much less frequent and less interesting, but even that transformation is worth reading.

Paul Clow's Sole Goal and PhiMix
These two sites are lumped together because they're similar. They're both sites written by polynappers who also write about other interesting things. I wouldn't have found out about either of these sites if they hadn't written comments on my posts in the past. I check both of these every day.

This site is created by a Japanese flash programmer. The real gems are the Grow games. DO NOT CHEAT AND LOOK UP THE ANSWERS. Once you finish you will be wishing there were more grows to play. The order you play them in doesn't really matter. I think the Cube one is the best. Some of the other games are fun too, like Tontie (Jonah and I used to be obsessed with this one).

Inspiration: Scott Hamilton

On Where Pianos Roam

I have been a figure skating enthusiast for years.  For me, it is the only sport in the world that is the perfect combination of artistry and athleticism.  When done well, it is beautiful and entertaining.  Besides, the men get to wear sequins and tight spandex, and everyone's okay with it!!  CRAZINESS!!! 

Last night, I was in attendance at a fundraiser for the Nashville Symphony that was co-hosted by Omega Watches, Inc. and Vogue magazine.  There I was enjoying my third glass of champagne (that was not a good idea by the way) and counting how many bejeweled women had botox done on their faces, when lo and behold, in walks someone who is a titan in the world of figure skating--SCOTT HAMILTON!  He is an Olympic Gold Medalist and achieved this accompIishment in 1984 in Sarajevo.

I screamed a big old girly scream when I saw him, but I did it on the inside.  He arrived with his very pretty wife, and I noticed that he and I are probably about the same height.  He had already been there about 45 minutes when I finally got the courage to go up to him to say hello.  I told him that I've been watching him on tv for years and always enjoyed his showmanship as a skater.  (His routines were always very fun and incredibly athletic.)

He graciously thanked me and actually seemed kind of shy about all that I'd said.  By then, the hostess of the evening grabbed a mic and proceeded with the formalities of the evening.  Thus ended my brief exchange with THE Scott Hamilton.

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