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Why I Donated to Ron Paul Today... and Why You MUST Too!

Today I donated money to a politician for the first time in my life. It was only $100, but I expect that I will donate the maximum $2300 soon. Who was the lucky recipient of my somewhat-hard-earned-cash?

Ron Paul, of course.

Ron Paul is amazing. Unlike every other modern politician I've ever heard of, he is principled in a way that reminds me of the founding fathers. He has his positions and he sticks to them no matter WHAT. He is probably the ONLY person in Congress who has always voted consistently every time.

I favour gun ownership

On Alan's Journey

That's a controversial heading, isn't it. Especially here in Australia, where gun ownership is essentially banned to everyone. So why would I say that I favour gun ownership?

The biggest debate about gun ownership centres on the US and their issues with gun control, and that's the context I'm talking about here. I favour gun ownership in the US.

But why? I don't even live there. And I don't have any plans to even visit there. Why would I favour gun ownership in a country that I have no interest in?

The best answer is that I love expressing an opinion. And this blog is certainly where I'm free to do that. This opinion won't result in a short post, I'm afraid.

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