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Tynan Goes to School

Where can you find me at 2pm on a Thursday? If you guessed by the pool being fed peeled grapes by the Swedish bikini team, you'll be surprised to hear that you're wrong.

No, really. You're wrong... At least this Thursday.

Actually, my friend Hayden.. WAIT... this is an important but totally unrelated sidenote :

the 7-9 presidency

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Politics has become the sport that i follow these days.... so you'll have to bear with me as I wade into those murky waters...

Had to comment on Obama. Tell you the truth, I kinda like him. I don't believe he has it out for America as some rightwing commentators would have it. I don't agree with all his policy decisions. When people call him a socialist...well... do you remember when george bush sent out thousand dollar checks ( depending on family members ) to spur the economy....medicare part d.... laissez faire capitalism has been gone for some time now... Obama didn't get rid of it.

But the point i want to make isn't about his policies, what he did do or what he should have done. In my short lifetime, I've never seen the excitement or enthusiasm that was stirred by Obama. He was young, intelligent, a great orator who carried with him in the heyday of his first campaign a palpable sense that here was a man who promised something different, something better. He spoke in Germany and half a million strong came out to listen to him, the enthusiasm flowing...

The juxtaposition between that initial excitement and fervor, and the zeitgeist of the nation currently is shocking... kind of like an eagles team that in the preseason you're talking Super Bowl but a couple surprises and injuries later it's looking like a 7-9 season. In some ways it feels like the end of era... modernday liberalism may have climaxed with the Obama presidency, though populist political sentiment seems to be just getting started...the repubs seemed to have sensed this and started to pivot away from cultural issues and onto economic ones...don't think the dems have figured out their new pivot... but we shall see

interesting times to witness my friends

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