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Understanding Pickup

Mystery's show on VH1, The Pickup Artist, has gotten a lot of mainstream attention. As a result there are scores of people in that audience trying to wrap their minds around this whole "pick up thing".

I've read a few message boards where people are discussing the show, and almost universally trying to discredit the pick up. Why are people so against pickup? First instinct might be to assume that girls would be against it, but that guys would all be excited about it. Think about it - it promises to fulfill the #1 goal for nearly every man on the planet.

Here's what I think is happening.

Headed off to Bootcamp/Vegas Immersion...JMULV, RSD Todd

On Striving For Happiness

So for years i've been interested in pickup. After reading the book "The Game" when I was 16 years old I became enthralled in pickup. It seemed so exciting. Imagine walking up to a girl you don’t know in a coffee shop, spouting a few strategically placed lines and then having her fall in love with you…. To a 16 year old boy that is a motherf’ing dream.

It’s a bit embarrassing, but I never even kissed a girl until I was 17. I was a very late bloomer. Dozens of girls actually had crushes on me when after I lost 50lbs when I was 13 years old and became attractive, but after being obese my whole life I lacked any self-esteem to think a girl would like me. I thought I would have to sell myself to a girl or she would have to fall under the magical spell of love to even kiss me.. LOL.

Anywhooo, so once I read the game everything changed in my life. The month of August before my senior year of high school is when I had my rise in life. I read the game and felt empowered. I also gained 20lbs of muscle, towered over people at a 6’2 height and had cool friends and also made cash day trading and through some other enterprises. I went from never kissing a girl to dating 3 attractive girls at once all in two weeks after reading this book. TRANSOFMRATION, AM I RIGHT???!!! Ha. No. I just finally grew some balls. The book gave me confidence in myself which is the most important.

Ok so about only 3.5 year later here I AM!!!! Ha. I am much more capable than my younger self. I don’t need to go to this pickup bootcamp at all honestly by most people’s standards. I can meet very attractive girls and do just fine for myself. Every night I go out I get at least 5-10 phone numbers (which means nothing but I can get at least 1 date out of that lol….) But I want the best. I’ve built myself up in many areas of life. I am extremely fit, financially independent and have killer hobbies and amazing friends. I need a girl who matches me.

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