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Polyphasic Upgrade / Update

Before I went to Massachusetts, things were peachy. I did 4 days with only one hour of oversleeping. Then during Massachusetts I did rather poorly, but still not too bad. When I got back I was settling back into my polyphasic/gangsta lifestyle, but that got interrupted for my trip to Vegas. And Vegas, surprisingly, wasn't kind to the schedule.

Since then I've been trying to get back on the boat, so to speak. Last night I only overslept by 90 minutes, but I just woke up from a 4 hour (!!!!) oversleep. So now, I confess that I've been keeping something from you, dear reader.

It's true.

Surgery Part 1: Pectus Excavatum and How I Drank Out of My Chest

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This is the story of how I first became extraordinary. I've been an incredible outlier several times in my life, and this is a multi-part chronicle of my obscure medical problems that culminated in me almost dying after getting my sternum uprooted and lungs popped, and then getting an infection in the hospital and being allergic to the medicine. Note: this picture is not of me.

When I was born in March of 1990, one of the first things my parents and the doctors noticed was that my chest seemed a bit different. There was a little indentation in the middle, and it sort of formed a small bowl. Quickly I was diagnosed with having a slight pectus excavatum, or, a hole in my chest.

Generally, pectus excavatum is completely cosmetic. See, what happens is that the sternum sinks in as the ribs grow a bit longer than usual and push it down. Imagine your sternum being supported by your ribs. Now imagine if each of your ribs grew an inch one day. Since the ribs interact with the sternum, where does the sternum go? Do the ribs pierce the sternum and grow through it? Not likely- they probably either curl upwards or downwards, taking the sternum with them. Mine did the latter.

I believe I read somewhere that they think this is generally due to an excessive production of a certain protein but I could very well be mistaken. Anyways, we had nothing to worry about when I was a baby since it was quite minor. They said it may grow in magnitude, but it's a totally cosmetic problem. No actual health detriments.

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