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My Workflows for Writing and Programming

I always find people's workflows interesting. It's such a personal process, unaffected by outside demands, that I think it sometimes reveals something about its creator. A lot of readers write or program, so I thought that my processes might be interesting.


Most people who write WordPress blogs write them in the built in WYSIWYG editor. That's how I started, too, but since then I've evolved my process to be more efficient, pleasant, and safe-- as in, lacking the danger of losing a post because you accidentally hit the back button.

12 Reasons Why I Should Sell E-books

On Alan's Journey

I'm looking to make me some money from the internet. I hear that ebooks are the way to go, so I'll be working on some original content from past articles that I've done, bringing them together in ebooks.

Here's a few reasons why I should be doing this right now:

I better get started now!

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