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Kicking the Computer Addiction

So... I have a problem. I was thinking today and I realized that I am in front of my computer WAY more than I should be. This occured to me when I woke up from one of my naps and made a beeline for the computer. I then realized that I repeat this behaviour every single time I wake up!

Further, there's no reason for me to be in front of this giant box 'o fun. Well, right now there is because I'm writing a post, but for most of the day I DEFAULT to sitting in front of the computer. I scan through the 30 or so sites I have on my toolbar, even though most of them only update once or twice a day at most.

This is sick! Think about it - none of my interesting stories start of with "So, I sat in front of the computer all day...". Every hour I spend in front of this thing is an hour that my life is NOT getting more interesting. I spend a lot of time online chatting with my friends, which I enjoy, but is that really the best use of my time? Probably not.

Is WWF asking for our money while stashing away USD 230.000.000 long term?

On David Krug

I love wild animals and effective honest animal conservation. That is why I would like to see that everyones hard earned money spent on protecting animals is used wisely and fairly to animals and the donators.

Many knows what WWF is. World Wildlife Fund. Started in 29 April 1961, soon to be 53 years of age as an organisation.In the last 53 years has anyone learned of one, even ONE memorable success that WWF had in saving animals on a large scale? I am hoping there are many epic large scale animal saving successes but i cant find any examples on their website, I hope that someone knows of some. I also have another question.

Am i understanding page 19-20 on their financial audit by BDO right? I will twitter this to WWF in case they want to clarify, but check this:


Do they have 211 million US dollars that has been donated to save animals but instead have been saved up as long term investments in money market funds, partnership investments, debt and equity mutual funds and US government obligations and more?

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