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Survey Results

Wow. I don't know what I was expecting, but I got a ton of awesome feedback from you guys. Some people literally wrote a page or two.

So first of all... thanks a ton. I read every single reply (over one hundred total) and got a ton of good info.

I'll share some of the insights provided.

Was setting up a Blog SETT vs Wordpress

On Resource Industry Marketing

Being new to blogging I had no previous experience setting up my own blog. I was aware of WordPress but a wise friend Maneesh also said I should simultaneously try SETT.com and see which had the better feel. My plan was to make myself a decent looking blog with one post, spending as little time as possible.

My first attempt was with SETT. At first, It failed as I couldn't get past the 'set up your password screen'. Not sure if the site was down of if it wouldn't let me sign up because I had not completed the registration properly first. Probably the latter but lets not dwell on my failings and get to my anecdotal experience:

WordPress was intuitive and I was up and running in no time. I selected a free theme, changed it a bit, and wrote my first entry. I disliked the fact that I could not customize my theme more and was forced to use their photos instead of my own. I figured if it ever needed it to look a certain way I could pay for a custom theme or spend some more time at it. My first impression was that it was mostly idiot proof and a lot easier to start a blog than I had ever imagined. Also for the mere minutes of commitment I had a pretty decent looking blog.

Getting this post up on SETT was today's goal. Once I properly registered I was able to set up my free blog post about as quickly as with Wordpress. I also tried to customize it a bit but was seemingly unable to upload my own photos into the template. There is a good chance it is me doing something wrong, but it would have been awful nice if it just worked the way I expected it to without having to read directions or e-mail the staff.

At this point I am not sure if I am willing to commit to a clear winner. Wordpress was easy and a bazillion other people already use it giving it a lot of credibility. SETT on the other hand makes very compelling offers and pepper's the site with testimonials full of promise. I figure I will try to spend some more serious time getting things customized to a point where I am comfortable with the look of each of the sites before I hitch my wagon to one vs the other.

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