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NEWSFLASH: Karaoke with me Tonight!

A year ago there was something called "Krunkaoke" every wednesday night at a club nearby. I went religiously and became one of the few creepy superstar regulars who dropped hot gangsta classics every Wednesday. The first time I went I was really nervous, but after doing "How We Do" by The Game, I was hooked. Eventually Krunkaoke became too packed (is that possible?), and they cancelled it!

Desperate for a Karaoke fix, I started going to Rain, which is a gay club a couple blocks from where I live. They had a cool light up stage, but the mediocre sound system and guys trying to grab my ass left me looking for alternatives.

Then one night it happened. I was working late and I thought I heard bad singing at the club downstairs. Could it be... Karaoke?

"Sun Structures" Album Review (Song by Song)

On Home of Mousai

Alright, here's another album that I absolutely adore. "Sun Structures" is a piece of art all on its own. Temples is an English psychedelic rock band who are simply amazing. They consist of four members James Edward Bagshaw (lead guitar, lead vocals), Thomas Edison Warmsley (bass guitar, vocals), Sam Toms (drums), and Adam Smith (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals). What's interesting and crazy cool about them is that they bring back the whole 70's feel of the era, but bring it back in a really cool way.

I saw them in concert at The Constellation Room in April and I loved every second of it. Not only were they still fantastic, but they were also even better than on the CD. James, Thomas, and Adam really know how to play guitar. They were absolutely amazing and I couldn't believe how much more amazing they were in person. Their guitar sound was loud and powerful and they sounded just like their album which was very impressive to me considering that some artists don't do so well in concert. They were an odd looking bunch all of them having long hair, but I've always liked long hair so I enjoyed it.

Now the album starts off with an upbeat song "Shelter Song" which was released separate from the album. It was a "single" but was combined with "Colours to Life" in 2013. I heard this song not too long after it had come out and I absolutely loved it. It has that 70's feel to it complete with sitar and awesome drum playing. The lyrics are sung in a way that makes one sway with the music. James spreads the words left and right like a painter pushes paint across the canvas. Unlike their other songs, Shelter Song is the most upbeat of them all. This song very much reminds me of the laid back and interesting culture of the 60/70's with men and women going to each other's houses to share their art and dreams together. The sound of this particular song is unique from the others because it is the most normal out of them all and it is the most upbeat. Shelter Song will have you dancing and swaying in no time.

The next song on the album is Sun Structures. This song starts off with a drum solo lasting about twenty seven seconds before James comes in. He enters with a soft tone of voice accompanying the drums still playing. To be honest, it's very difficult for me to understand the lyrics in the beginning, but they begin to clear up the farther you go into the song. The combinations of everyone's voices created a melodic and soothing sound. I adore it. The guitars provide a powerful sound that's even better in person. The song is composed very well and the tempo of the lyrics though very fast, works quite swimmingly. This songs ends with a very long instrumental lasting about a minute long.

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