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Three Dollars

It's 6am and a couple friends and I walk out of my building to get some food. Katz' deli gives half price food to pedicab drivers like my friend Aaron, and I can't turn down a deal. As we walk across the street we see a shady looking fellow walking near where we're parked. Hopefully we can avoid contact.

We can't.

"Hey guys... can you help me out? My car ran out of gas... "

CATHAY MANAGEMENT ABUSE: Transcripted Discussion With Police


Legal counsel has advised me not to release any transcripts aboard the plane until civil and criminal investigations are concluded. The police have already told me I committed no crimes that they're aware of and won't be held or charged, but we will be pursuing Cathay's management and security team.

I'll be releasing what transcripts I can.

Everyone was notified the audio recorder was on repeatedly, and it was held prominently in view. This transcript was made by someone who has English as a second language, and minor grammar errors are here, but this gets the general details of the discussion. This is immediately following removal from the airplane.

Date: 2011.12.26 Time: 18:54 Location: Hong Kong Airport

SM: Okay, they're taking me off. Okay, thank you guys, thank you, see you later. Alright, i'm under arrest.

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