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Maximizing Your Opportunity Window

In my last post i talked about what NOW is the right time for. The implication, of course, is that there are certain periods of time where you can actually take advantage of opportunities that come your way. Let's call that your Opportunity Window. In the Standard American Lifestyle, that window is narrow. Really narrow. It probably starts somewhere at the end of senior year in college and ends a few months afterwards.

There are small blips of opportunity afterwards, too. Getting fired creates a window. Some sort of windfall income might create a window.

That sucks. Someone with a Standard American Life probably has no more than a year of Opportunity Window in their lifetime. It's only during those times that they can start a new business, leave their lives behind and try something new and exciting, or just make a drastic change.

Its about Pressure NOT Motivation

On Ideas

Lately I've been trying to get my goals done, or at least head closer to them. But for every two steps I take, I take one step back. Some days I might take 4-5 steps forward and only 1 back. Those are the days when willpower or time constraints push me to go further. The usual days tho, or just the days where I say I want something, I want to Learn Japanese, I want to have a strong online presence, I want to earn money, Etc. But the truth is "want" is not enough.

Everyone wants freedom. Everyone wants to be happy. But the truth is not many get what they want. And its not because they aren't motivated, its because Motivation itself is not pressuring

Think about why the majority of high schools and college students cram for exams one-two days (sometimes the same day) as the exam?

Why do most employees only do the jobs that are extremely urgent, time sensitive, or the ones the boss designates as extremely important?

Why do people who have bad habits like eating lots of sugar or smoking do it even though they know its bad, but when they are diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, suddenly take drastic action?

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