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Religion is Ridiculous

I was talking to a religious person the other day. They spoke with 100% confidence. Then I thought about how atheists, myself included, tiptoe around religious people. We don't want to offend them. It's the same feeling you get when talking about Santa Claus around kids.

I'm done with that. Religion is ridiculous. There is no god. I'm not even capitalizing the word anymore. There is no heaven.

The ONLY reason that anyone believes in these fictions is because of tradition and information being passed down through generations.



A reader astutely noted that I drink a lot of coffee and asked about it. He said that green tea is probably healthier if I believe in caffeine, and caffeine is a mixed bag anyways isn't it?

Fact is, I have very few vices or addictions, but caffeine is one of them.

I think there's some metabolic benefits and if used correctly, you can better performance out of it. But I don't necessarily recommend it. Indeed, green tea is probably healthier, but I already don't eat carbs, don't eat mammals, don't drink/smoke/do drugs/etc, and otherwise live a pretty intense life. Coffee is a vice that I might quit eventually, but for now it's one of the chief vices I've got. I do enjoy a good tea as well, but coffee moreso.

In any event, I'll seriously crunch the benefits/drawbacks at some point and likely quit coffee. But it's key to not do too much at once and I've already got a lot of health and other goals/projects in process.

Earlier today, I was trying to write some automation processes for someone I'm consulting for. I was stuck while trying to define what the goals are behind any particular action and the evaluation criteria for which process to choose - and I was just useless and dragging.

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