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MaxDiet Week: Objections

Here are a few objections raised in the comments. Although I've answered a few already, I want to put the bulk of them together in one spot.

1. Other things are dangerous too. Why eat healthy if you're not going to take EVERY precaution?

This is a pretty good question, especially aimed at me because I do tend to do fairly dangerous things occasionally.



A reader astutely noted that I drink a lot of coffee and asked about it. He said that green tea is probably healthier if I believe in caffeine, and caffeine is a mixed bag anyways isn't it?

Fact is, I have very few vices or addictions, but caffeine is one of them.

I think there's some metabolic benefits and if used correctly, you can better performance out of it. But I don't necessarily recommend it. Indeed, green tea is probably healthier, but I already don't eat carbs, don't eat mammals, don't drink/smoke/do drugs/etc, and otherwise live a pretty intense life. Coffee is a vice that I might quit eventually, but for now it's one of the chief vices I've got. I do enjoy a good tea as well, but coffee moreso.

In any event, I'll seriously crunch the benefits/drawbacks at some point and likely quit coffee. But it's key to not do too much at once and I've already got a lot of health and other goals/projects in process.

Earlier today, I was trying to write some automation processes for someone I'm consulting for. I was stuck while trying to define what the goals are behind any particular action and the evaluation criteria for which process to choose - and I was just useless and dragging.

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