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If I Were President

Just for fun, here are all of my political views. I'm not super into politics at all - in fact before Bush started screwing everything up, I had zero interest in them. I definitely haven't done enough research to have definitive stances on most of these things, so take them with a grain of salt.


This is the one I care about the most. Our tax system is extremely screwed up. Did you know that we're one of only TWO countries in the world who tax their citizens if they don't live in the country or make money in the country? If I spend a year traveling the world, making money online, I STILL have to pay taxes in the US (there's a partial exemption that it's possible to qualify for).

I saw Matthew Perry from Friends

On Stuff in a Notebook

Matthew Perry came to speak at my school, and I was lucky enough to get a ticket. As cool as it was to see one of the stars of Friends, and the man who played my favorite friend (sorry Jen, Lisa, Matt, David, and Courteney), I thought he had a great message.

The room was packed. Could I BE any more excited? As they announced his name, everyone cheered. A few girls cheered a bit louder than everyone else. He took the stage, and the crowd went silent. He began to talk. He's a pretty funny guy.

Humor aside, he talked about alcohol and drug addiction. All addiction is the same. Drugs or alcohol, doesn't matter, it's the same. He talked about his personal struggles with addiction, before Friends, during the filming of Friends, and now. He talked about how a normal person sees a glass of wine sitting on a table and maybe wonders who it belongs to, but forgets about it quickly. He sees that glass of wine and thinks about it for the rest of the day.

That really hit home for me.

Not because I personally struggle with addiction, I don't, but because I know several people who have dealt with various forms of addiction. Matthew said that addiction is something you don't really learn about unless you have to. Unless you yourself have struggled with it or someone close to you has. This couldn't be more true. We skim over it in health class, but that is nothing like having to learn about it while someone you know deals with it. You learn a heck of a lot more, and quickly. You come to understanding. Addiction isn't a weakness. It's a disease. Our society doesn't see it that way. That needs to change.

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