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If I Were President

Just for fun, here are all of my political views. I'm not super into politics at all - in fact before Bush started screwing everything up, I had zero interest in them. I definitely haven't done enough research to have definitive stances on most of these things, so take them with a grain of salt.


This is the one I care about the most. Our tax system is extremely screwed up. Did you know that we're one of only TWO countries in the world who tax their citizens if they don't live in the country or make money in the country? If I spend a year traveling the world, making money online, I STILL have to pay taxes in the US (there's a partial exemption that it's possible to qualify for).

Performance Enhancing


I was at a party a few nights ago. Well, sort of. I was working in a side room while a party was happening in the main room with 100 people there.

It wasn't really my scene, though the people were all really cool and nice. But they were getting absolutely hammered on vodka shots, cocktails, beer, and so on.

It's a few days later, and a thought occurs --

Isn't it funny that we spend so much money, energy, and attention to perfecting the craft of making drug-infused beverages that destroy our cognition? And that this is the drug of choice of the Western world, the one with the least short-term benefits and all kinds of destructive potential?

In 2006, I quit using all recreational drugs -- no alcohol, no tobacco, no THC (marijuana and hashish), and so on. I also quit all sugared sodas, and stayed off them, and caffeine, which I've gone back and forth on at various times.

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