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If I Were President

Just for fun, here are all of my political views. I'm not super into politics at all - in fact before Bush started screwing everything up, I had zero interest in them. I definitely haven't done enough research to have definitive stances on most of these things, so take them with a grain of salt.


This is the one I care about the most. Our tax system is extremely screwed up. Did you know that we're one of only TWO countries in the world who tax their citizens if they don't live in the country or make money in the country? If I spend a year traveling the world, making money online, I STILL have to pay taxes in the US (there's a partial exemption that it's possible to qualify for).


On Honesty Honestly.

First off I would like to start by saying I have forever and will always remain to be a person that doesn't judge.

Marijuana is such a tough and risky subject but I am an advocate for it. Now don't get me wrong that doesn't mean Im saying everyone in the world should go out and smoke it, but I am saying that I encourage those who are against it to stop judging us that aren't.

Marijuana is not as bad as alcohol or cigarettes, and it helps cure pain, anorexia, depression(for some), among other things. It is not addicting but it can be something that leads to a regular use. The feelings I experience from smoking is laughter, peace, and it honestly sparks my adventurous side and makes me want to go hiking or other things like that. Don't get me wrong I get the munchies and i get sleepy too, but it really depends on the way you let it affect you. Personally if I smoke while thinking of fun things i could do, it makes me want to be active after. If its late at night and I'm smoking most of the time it leads to me and my bed. And yes you have those lazy stoners, but that just gives a bad image to the whole weed smoking population. It like judging any group of people by the actions of some and not all. It is possible to smoke and still be responsible. Still get good grades in school, still go to work everyday and on time, still have ambitions and goals.

I do agree with opposing smoking and driving because it does affect your ability to drive, but really why can't it be treated as something good and not so negative. I can also understand the big debate saying that marijuana is a "gateway drug", but how is that so different from people saying an occasional glass of wine is the gateway to being an alcoholic? Everything in life comes back to responsibility, it's how you handle it.

I don't judge people who smoke it, nor do i judge those that don't. No one is any more or less of a person for the actions they do if it is not hurting anyone. What do you guys think?

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