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The 2010 Travel Gear Post

Now it's time for the one post that everyone's been waiting for. The 2010 Gear Post.

For a quick background: my method is to have very few items, all of which are as small as possible and as awesome as possible. The goal is to have a tiny bag but be prepared for absolutely everything. This year I've gotten closer to that ideal than ever before. You can see my 2009 packing list here to compare.

The Bag: Ortlieb Flight 22

Today vs. Imminent


Now vs. "IMMINENT"

Through my consulting, through sharing/collaboration on Ops calls with friends, and observing my own system, I've found something that is utterly hostile to success.

It's evil and wretched, broken, seductive and conniving, and leads on the path to ruin.

It has the heart of pure darkness, the most viciousness of all the ages combined, and with a voice as sweet as the sirens beckoning you to the rocks.

It's really, really bad.

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