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How To Book Cruises For Less Than $30 Per Day

In the last post, where I wrote about how much I like working from cruise ships, I mentioned that I could share my method for booking really cheap cruises. I'm going to do that here, and share some other relevant cruise tips.

Getting Cheap Cruises

First, start at Cruise Sheet. There used to be a site called Cruise Hot Sheet that had similar information, but it stopped working, so I built Cruise Sheet.

The best cruises to look for are repositioning cruises. They are the most interesting, have the most sea days, and tend to be very inexpensive. In the fall there are a lot of repositioning cruises from Europe to the US, and in the spring those same ships reposition back to Europe.

Thoughts on Employee Compensation

On DROdio

I have a very specific way I compensate employees, which I'd like to share. I've found that this method does a great job of aligning an employee's interests with the company's, which is a "nirvana" of sorts considering how misaligned an employees interests can often be with a company's.

I'm going to give you an example based on hourly pay, but this can just as easily be applied to annual salaries.

So let's say that I'm interviewing someone who wants to make $20/hour (roughly equivalent to $40,000/year).

First, I'll explain to them that one of my main goals is to align their interests with the interests of the company, and to do that I have a somewhat unconventional way of compensating employees.

Then, I ask them to tell me what percentage of their compensation they're willing to make "performance based." (Don't call it a "bonus" because it's not - this is different.) Let's say that a potential employee is willing to make $5/hr performance based, and wants the other $15/hr to be fixed (obviously the more an employee is willing to make performance based, the better it is for the company, and ultimately, the employee).

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