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Manish - where I'm at

Been a while since my last post. I'm still on it. I had a falling out around Thanksgiving with 3-4 days of extreme oversleeping. Where I'm at right now:

I tend to oversleep daily. Just random times. Seems out of my control. Like I will sleepwalk, turn off my alarm, go back to sleep. Or randomly fall asleep at my computer, or find myself in my living room, very confused as to what's going on and what time it is.

I'm usually really exhausted and out of it at 6 am-10am, and then feel fine after 11am...almost like clockwork. But then I will oversleep at other random times when I actually feel okay, like 2pm.

Little Things

On Where Pianos Roam

As I mentioned a few blogposts ago, I've had a rush of creative energy lately.  The image you see above is of a birthday card I made for a lovely newly-turned 5-year-old named Sophia.  She is the daughter of my friends Leigh and Chris up in Seattle, Washington.  I love making birthday and greeting cards. 

One on-going project that has taken a few months is a scarf that I am making for my "dominating" Persian friend Michael.  (Yeah, that's how he is.  I don't get it either.)  I was not happy with the original version of this scarf, and so I started all over with new colors.  He is a dark and brooding kind of guy, and so I thought it best to infuse some lightness.  This scarf is still a work in progress, and luckily, it's been hot as hell here in Nashville lately.  It will be ready by the fall.

I've also started knitting little squares that I will more or less stitch together to make a cover for my dust-magnet of a keyboard.  I have five done and oh, only about sixty or so left to go.  Yeesh.

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