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Back on Track

I just took my 9pm and I feel pretty good, but not 100% - just like usual. I don't think that oversleep really affected my progress much.

I did make the Overkill Alarm Clock (tm) - It's a laptop that does nothing but run a cool alarm clock program. It's hooked up to a separate stereo system with a speaker on each side of the bed. I've preprogrammed all of my waking up times, so I don't even need to remember.

Hung out with Manish and Neetu and they are doing well too. We're all going downtown now to help stay awake. I feel like tomorrow or the next day may be when it finally snaps into place and I feel as good or better as when I was sleeping normally.

Little Things

On Where Pianos Roam

As I mentioned a few blogposts ago, I've had a rush of creative energy lately.  The image you see above is of a birthday card I made for a lovely newly-turned 5-year-old named Sophia.  She is the daughter of my friends Leigh and Chris up in Seattle, Washington.  I love making birthday and greeting cards. 

One on-going project that has taken a few months is a scarf that I am making for my "dominating" Persian friend Michael.  (Yeah, that's how he is.  I don't get it either.)  I was not happy with the original version of this scarf, and so I started all over with new colors.  He is a dark and brooding kind of guy, and so I thought it best to infuse some lightness.  This scarf is still a work in progress, and luckily, it's been hot as hell here in Nashville lately.  It will be ready by the fall.

I've also started knitting little squares that I will more or less stitch together to make a cover for my dust-magnet of a keyboard.  I have five done and oh, only about sixty or so left to go.  Yeesh.

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