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Thailand, Take 2

Okay so I just wrote about half of a really long post about how awesome Thailand has been... and then it got deleted somehow. It's a shame when things like that happen to computer geniuses like myself.

So... from the top.

Todd and I reconvened on the small island of Koh Phi Phi (where The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed). But this time we had company.

Working Anywhere


With wireless and syncing getting better, it's really getting more possible to work anywhere.

I think all those 1995 advertisements of an executive using a big old laptop on the beach kind of ruined the idea - they kept advertising it before it's possible, but also: on the sand at the beach has to be the stupidest possible place to use a laptop.

That kind of ruined it for a lot of people, but I'm realizing that a lot of limitations - aren't. I was invited to the Hong Kong horseraces on Sunday, and I was originally going to say no - too much work to do. Then I realized we could get set up in the lounge there, and I worked, taking a break to place wagers (we covered all costs and wound up up for that day) and watch the races, and working between them.

I'll post some pictures and videos from the races tomorrow. Hong Kong is such a nice city, everyone is great. And I'm realizing you're not tied to being in any one place to work - I got in a very solid day of work at the racetrack.

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