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Gaijin House

I didn't have much faith that we were going to have a good place here. We found it very difficult to find a place to stay that was central, had two beds, and wasn't $4000 per month. At the last minute Todd booked us a room in a great area that was relatively inexpensive. I figured quality would suffer.

I'm thrilled to say that I was wrong.

We met Blair, our landlord who is 42 but looks (possibly significantly) under 30, and he walked us to the apartment. As promised, it's really just a few minutes from the train station.


On The Very First EFL Teacher Blog Ever

I broke my computer screen. I totally wasn't drunk. I might have been a little hungover. That's not important right now

Unsurprisingly, Dell laptop screens are not in high demand in Korea. This is Samsung country. Somewhat surprisingly, there wasn't a single compatible Dell screen on the entire peninsula, so suppliers had to ship a replacement from China. Sorry to anyone (anyone...? anybody...?) who was waiting on tenterhooks for the next update in the meticulously chronicled Kevin Saga.

What to write about after a 2 month hiatus? Things have happened, but nothing stands out as particularly blog-worthy. I think I'll just soften the landing of a long-overdue post with something light...

About a month and a half ago, I visited 미륵사지 (Mireuk-Saji, roughly 'Mireuk Historical/Heritage Site') the most notable tourist-type activity in my area. The site, which lies at the peak of the Mireuk mountain chain, was deemed important enough (perhaps compared to the rest of the area) to be the focal point of Iksan City's not-as-bad-as-it-could-be graphical rebranding which started a few years back.

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