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You Aren't What You Buy

When I was in college, I bought a Rolex. In the week or so that I waited for it to come in the mail, I got really excited about the idea that I was going to have a Rolex. To me, someone who had a Rolex was a different type of person, simply because he bought a fancy watch.

The watch showed up, and it was obviously a fake. I took it to a jeweler, just in case, and he confirmed what I already knew.

But by then it was too late. In my head, I was a Rolex type of guy. So I bought another one-- a real one this time.

Reframe your world

On Mike Dariano

I recently discovered the Mr. Money Mustache blog. It's a blog about early retirement through extreme savings - like 65% of your take home pay extreme - so that you can enjoy the time in your life. Mr. Money Mustache retired at the age of 30 and lives with his wife and son on less than $26,000 each year. They do this through limited travel expenses in owning fuel efficient used cars and biking as well as owning their home outright and choosing options like the public library and not shopping for the sport of it. I love these ideas in themselves but also what they represent, that you can find people on the internet who will inspire you.

Our lifestyle will never be at that level because I don't think there is the same happiness for us with some of their choices but that's the the ethos of the site. What Mr. Money Mustache wants us to think in terms of is; I have limited time to spend doing things I love. How do I get more time to do those specific things? His solution was to bank 25x his living expenses - about $650,000 - through extreme savings and live on 4% of the total each year, his $26,000. His story probably appeals to you on some level, to me it's rather great and that's the secret, find your own Mr. Money Mustache.

If you're surrounded by poor people find rich ones to read about and emulate.

If you're surrounded by out of shape people find in-shape ones.

If you're surrounded by slackers, no goods, lazy, jerks, mean-spirited, negative downers find better ones online.

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