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Think First of the Hassles

Is there anyone who isn't busier than they think they should be? I work alone and have a ton of free time, and yet even I feel like I'm constantly doing something I have to do. But it's never something I have to do because it's been handed down from on high-- it's because I've created obligation for myself.

I had an extra projector in my RV that I had intended to sell for a while. But I got busy and never spent more than a few days in my RV in a row, so it remained there until I bought my place in Vegas.

I brought it to Vegas so that I could watch a UFC fight. The way my living room is arranged is absolutely perfect for a projector. I can stuff it under the chaise-lounge part of my craigslist couch and it projects on the wall separating the kitchen from the living room, the one I really want to demolish, but is load bearing.

I was so excited about the projector that I tried to use it the next afternoon. But it was so sunny that the picture got washed out. It's a portable projector, not a full-blown home projector. But its value is about the same as a bigger one, so I resolved to finally ebay it and bought a big projector.

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