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How I Became a Professional Gambler

I had never gambled before and knew nothing about it, but I'd gotten too many e-mails like it. I was at my parents house for winter break during my first year at UT, and I was bored.

"Free $50 just for downloading our casino!"

Hmm. That doesn't seem very risky. I might as well download to see what it's all about.

August Monthly Financial Review - Budget for Córdoba, Argentina

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As I mentioned last month I've started a series of monthly financial reviews to track my own progress.

August Monthly Financial Review

August - Assets +1.87%, Debts 0%

With an upcoming trip to Córdoba, Argentina my single biggest financial goal has been saving cash. In August I was extremely fortunate as I was able to essentially double my cash holdings. I received a quarterly bonus at work and also had my Argentina trip officially approved meaning that several of the expenses that originally came out of my own pocket were reimbursed.

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