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Google Screwed Me Over?

I hate Paypal. In the early days of gambling I used Paypal to send money to casinos, and Paypal would occasionally screw me over. They held all deposits to casinos for 30 days so that if the casino went under, players wouldn't get screwed. That was nice of them.

One time I deposited $10k and a casino went under. They never gave me any money despite a number of calls and e-mails. Oh well.

I use paypal when I absolutely have to, and that's it. Google checkout came along, and I was happy about that. I like Adwords, Adsense is ok, Search is awesome, etc. I figure with their "Don't be evil" motto, I'd have nothing to worry about.

August Monthly Financial Review - Budget for Córdoba, Argentina

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As I mentioned last month I've started a series of monthly financial reviews to track my own progress.

August Monthly Financial Review

August - Assets +1.87%, Debts 0%

With an upcoming trip to Córdoba, Argentina my single biggest financial goal has been saving cash. In August I was extremely fortunate as I was able to essentially double my cash holdings. I received a quarterly bonus at work and also had my Argentina trip officially approved meaning that several of the expenses that originally came out of my own pocket were reimbursed.

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