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Better than Better than Your Boyfriend

EDIT : I know the site is kinda a disaster now. At least the cool archive link on the right works. I'm too tired to keep working on it, so it's time for a nap and then REAL work. And then if I don't fall asleep instantly, more work on the site.
That's not a typo - my favorite site just got better. I was talking with a reader of my site and he told me my site was hard to navigate. You know what? He's right.

So, I've done a few things to fix that (and other) problems. The most obvious change is that you no longer have to click "read more" to read the rest of the article. You still have to click "comments" to read comments, because otherwise the page would be even huger than it is now.

Also, if you go directly to a post (either through a link or by clicking the title of a post), you'll see links to the next post and previous post. This is for people that like to read the whole site in order or have some catching up to do. When reading in this mode you can also see all the comments right on the page.

Uncharted Territory 3 Minecraft LP w/ Free_Lunch #12

On FreeLunchLP

We're working on the yellow wool dungeon at intersection two.Uncharted Territory III is a Minecraft adventure map by Amlup. The goal is to complete the monument by collecting wool inside dungeons.

Uncharted Territory 3 and all the other maps by Amlup here:http://goo.gl/IblHbc

Like the video and subscribe to my channel if you feel like it. This really helps me out.I love interacting with my viewers. Leave a comment on the video or connect with me at this site.

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