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Northern Japan

What a day. In an effort to totally avoid paying for hotels we have worked out an elaborate system of only taking night trains, where we can sleep as we travel.

Today that landed us in Aomori, a small city in Northern Japan. After spending two hours researching things to do there, I had found only one possibility: eat apples. The city is known for having good apples, and nothing else whatsoever.

With 14 hours before our next train to Sapporo, we had to find something else to do. To fuel our brainstorming we found a little trendy Italian restaurant called Piccolo. Even one-street towns in Japan have restaurants with beautiful interior design. It's important here. We lucked out - they use high quality ingredients, make their own sauces, and use extra virgin olive oil.

Have Some Consideration for Others!

On Life as a Mature Student

Sadly, I can't answer that yet, hopefully I will during the course of my study.

I just returned from a few days holiday, which was a lot of fun, except for the first night due to a lot of very selfish people. We arrived at the club a little late and although I was on crutches, we found it difficult to find a seat. Having endured the looks from people for some time, a seat was found toward the back, with a decent view of the stage.

However, this decent view was dependent on others remaining seated in front of us. Not much to ask, I thought this was common courtesy and so assumed the view would remain clear. I was wrong!

The first part of the evening was a dance competition, so in order to get a better view, many people stood on their chairs completely blocking my view (obviously I was unable to copy). As the people on the front row also stood up, people had no choice but to follow. Throughout this part of the evening I had little option but to look at two very large ladies backsides, one of whom was wearing a short, white dress with no petticoat(slip) underneath - I'll let you to imagine the rest. This most definitely was not a pleasant sight!

The evening continued with a couple of bands until, toward the end, an extremely overweight man came by to claim the empty table next to us. He looked at me - even smiled - before standing right in front of me to signal his family.

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