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The Blueprint of Instant Habitual Change

Skills require time to attain. There's no magic pill to become stronger; we have to go to the gym consistently. If you want to learn Russian, you need to study, practice, and probably spend some time in Russia. If you want to become a better writer you can learn some good practices, but you ultimately have to produce a lot of writing before you'll be any good.

But what about habits like diet change, sleeping habits, and introversion? While we may not all be able to speak Russian, we all have the innate ability to wake up early in the morning. Our mouths will all accept healthy food. We all have the physical ability to walk up to a stranger and begin talking.

Why do these switches often take so long to flip? Why is it a gradual struggle, rather than an instant change?

The Worst Way to Start a Morning

On simple thoughts

What is it that you do every morning? Some people get up and fix their bed right away. Others wake up and drink a glass of water. I on the other hand, wake up and check my phone. I know this is bad, yet I do it every morning. I can feel myself slipping into a bad day. But again.. I still do it.

I wish I could stop, but this habit is so ingrained into my every day life, I feel as though it's impossible. Tonight, before I sleep, I'm going to leave a bottle of water by my bed, and when I wake up, I will see it. And I will drink it. I won't check my phone until I finish brushing my teeth. That's seems like a good start. What do you think? Do you have bad morning habits? Or bad habits in general? To break this one, I am starting small, and I am making it really easy to succeed. Then, when I am good at this, I will make it harder. That's really all there is to what I'm doing!

I hope you find a habit to break or start, and join me! Comment how you're doing or what your ideas are! I'd love to read them. Have a wonderful day/night.


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