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Yeah, so I forgot to mention that I'm on a cruise so there won't be any posts for a week. The upside is that I have a criminal amount of free time, so I'm going to whip out a few posts for posting later.

Highlights so far :

We arrived at our cabin and the default arrangement is the worst possible. I would break out MS Paint and show you, but it's really not that important. We skipped the "mandatory safety drill" to pass beds over each other in the tiny room and totally rearranged the room. I may have found my passion - I'm totally awesome at rearranging cruise cabins.

Video of the Week: Kind and Generous

On Where Pianos Roam

There's a low but resounding wurlitzer piano that hums along in the song that is featured in this week's Video of the Week.  It was an instrument chosen to add some weight and heft to what is otherwise a very light and happy vocal deliverance by the song's singer Natalie Merchant.  I can understand her decision to use this instrument and then to add on a pipe organ further into the song. In spite of the smiling joyfulness she conveys in her singing, she does, in fact, sing of hugely monumental things--things that carry their own weight, heft, and power.  She sings of being thankful to people who have been kind and generous to her.  Oh yes, these are monumental things.  Kindness and generosity form the foundation towards being a compassionate human being. Where would we be without compassion?  We'd be fighting endless wars and holding grudges indefinitely.  Drown ourselves in pettiness and negativity.  Mean-spirited-ness would inhabit our bodies.  We would scowl even when smiling. I would be at a loss without the tender mercies of compassion.  My own mistakes and selfishness would have devoured me long ago. Thankfully, there truly are kind and generous folks in the world.  I am proud to have quite a few of them in my own life.  I aim to be such a person in theirs. This song sings of heavy things but offers a smile with great joy and without a scowl in sight .  .  . I present to you Natalie Merchant's "Kind and Generous" .  .  . [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdG618TMc5E] Hugs and thanks to all of the kind and generous friends and family in my life. -gordon

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