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Every Wednesday Doug (a.k.a. DJ Doug) and I host Karaoke at a club called Firehouse Lounge in Austin, TX. The main reason I do it is because I love doing gangsta rap songs at Karaoke, and if I'm a host I get to sing more. Plus all of our friends come, so it's a really fun little event.

But last week was more fun than usual.

When I found out that my friend Elisia had a police taser, I immediately went to work trying to think of a good use for it. After a short while, Taseroke was born. The premise was simple - two people would sing a song of their own choosing and whoever the crowd thought did worse would get tased mercilessly by me.

Rap Genius?

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Recently, in high school, I have developed a sudden interest in poetry. Poems are short, unlike novels, but still extremely wide to interpretations. And all though I may not be the best at analyzing them, it's still pretty fun.

However, poetry is not just poems. One of the main uses of poetry is rap, a genre that I have had an interest in throughout my whole life. With my recent interest in the actual content of the rap, Childish Gambino has pretty much emerged as my favorite rapper. He constantly uses witty puns that actually make me laugh, though his songs aren't supposed to be funny.

Attempting to dive more into the content of songs, I discovered the site rapgenius.com. It provides explanations to all the lyrics of rap songs, and it showed me numerous hidden meanings behind other lines. I want to try to actually interpret a rap song on my own, but first I should probably try to find an appropriate one. For those who listen to Childish Gambino, you know he's definitely not even close to PG-13.

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