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Run, Don't Walk

I don't walk much anymore. I run. If you were to follow me around all week, you'd probably interpret the rush to mean that I'm the most tardy person on planet earth. But that's not why I run, except today when I almost missed my flight.

I run because it's better than walking. I didn't stop to think about this until recently, but once I did I became fairly well convinced that walking is a waste of time unless I'm intentionally strolling around in the park or something. So now whether I'm on my way to a restaurant or going from the bus station to my RV, I run.

It's great exercise. Most distances I run tend to be between half-a-mile and a mile-and-a-half, which is a nice manageable sprinting distance. Walking such a distance wouldn't get my heart rate up, but flying down the streets, up and down hills and stairs is a good workout. If I have a few runs in a day, my legs will even be a bit sore the next day, whereas they wouldn't have been if I was just walking.

Know your Skateboard

On Zalman Silber

Skateboards are generally divided into two main types; long boards and short boards. In order for you to buy a skateboard you have to first decide what exactly you would be doing on your board. If you just want a skateboard to do some cruising around, or some downhill racing then longboards are for you. If you intend to use the board to learn to do flips and skateboard down ramps and stairs then the shortboards is definitely what you need. Unlike the regular skateboards, the longboards are just as the name explains, a little longer than the regular skateboard. These are mostly used in competitions and for just cruising from one point to the other. These boards are used to do big wide turns. In fact the art of using long boards is called longboarding instead of skateboarding. The other type of skateboard is called a shortboard. Shortboards are used for doing flips and tricks. They are much shorter and lighter than longboards. Whichever you choose have fun skateboarding.

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