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How to Live in Austin, Texas

Yesterday I spent all day putting my new solar panel on the RV. Two weeks ago I got the panel in the mail and I called Crestview RV (a local RV place in Austin) to get it installed. They said it would be about $200, but that they were backed up and it would have to be left there for two weeks. I told them I couldn't go without it that long, so he made an appointment for two weeks later and said to come first thing in the morning.

Those of you who know me know that I hate waking up early.

Still, I want my solar power so I woke up early yesterday and my fantastic sister, Kelsey, drove me 15 miles to bring it in. When I got there they told me they were backed up and I would need to leave it there for two weeks. Forget it. I'll do it myself.

Self driving, shared, electric cars!

On Travelling light

I am taking a class called "Strategic Thinking in Action" on the global electric car industry with others sloan fellows: Adi Kurnadi, Fadi, Peter Blake, Antonio Sansigreand Kunal Yadav. The class is co-taught by Robert Burgelman and Sven Beiker.

It is fascinating to see how the choices made right now by automakers and other industry payers will impact the transportation industry down the road. High rank ranking executives from GM, Tesla, SoCal Edison and others came to discuss their views on the future of the electric car industry.

My key takeaways so far are:

Now a bit of daydreaming: Think about the day Tesla, Uber, PG&E and Google will join hands to market a car that drives itself to your location when requested, takes you where you need, recharge it's battery at the nearest available plug after you left and bills you based on the miles traveled each month. Smog free cities with lower the ambient noise level, smaller roads and no parking space....

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