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Thankful for my Family

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. The other ones are weird religious inventions or consumerized hijackings of religious inventions. And sure, the origins of thanksgiving are a bit murky, but it's hard to argue with such a simple holiday: spend some time with your family and/or friends, and be thankful.

I especially like that it's about appreciating what we already have, taking a break from the distraction of every day life, and thinking about all of the good things that make it up.

Today, as I spend time with some of them, I've been thinking about how thankful I am for my family. I've always gotten along really well with my family, but since most of them were around by the time I was born, I'm sure I have a tendency to take them for granted. As a kid I always just assumed that everyone had a great family and that their family was behind them supporting them all the time. Then, as I grew up, I saw situations where that wasn't the case, and I realized how good I have it.

I have three fantastic siblings, any or all of whom I enjoy spending unlimited time with. We each live in different cities now, but when we're together it's like we're best friends. Besides a scuffle over a plastic ninja sword as a kid, I can't think of a single fight I've had with any of them.

Early On a Sunday Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

O and B passed out after the trip .  .  . My week in Seattle was the most fun I've had in a while.    I got to see so many amazing things .  .  .  .scenic views of downtownlakes covered in a soft blanket of fogattractive people of all ethnicitiesa gloomy and sinister Amazon building on a hilltopmonstrous burritosa magical Steinway piano by a windowa guy named Lars and his lady friendsinging New Zealandersa big doughnut by a reservoir where a wedding proposal once took placeamusingly burnt bread at an Italian restaurantthe view of strangers through a big window of a French cafeBruce and his son Brandona sunset mirrored by waterEeyoreViviennethe site of a spectacular  mountain through a tiny airplane windowAsians freezing in a churcha couch by a reflecting pool at Seattle Ubacon AND chocolate TOGETHER(!)the smile of a woman in a French cafe who gave me precious advice about lifea fairy on a ferrygorgeous, big blue eyes that will strike the hearts of many some daya giant troll nestled under a bridgea  little family of three in a house of happy colorspeople at a bus stop perpetually waitinga surprised fluffy cat upon the unexpected arrival of a strangera mother and her daughter staring out of a window on a ferry to Bainbridge Islandbreathtaking art from some kickass Asian peoplethe most HYSTERICAL hula hoop dancing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!standing on the street by a bus stop and catching a final glance through the window of a little girl laughing .  .  .  . For this trip, I got to visit friends of mine who I've known over ten years now.  I still remember when I first met them.  Seeing the changes that have transpired in their lives was a bit of a thrill for me.   They have a family now, and a life rich with joy, struggle, laughter, and love.  In general, I tend to worry about many of my friends and always hope that they have at least some happiness in their lives.  I headed home relieved that they are safe and cared for in each others arms. Unbeknown to them, I've been doing research for my next album that I hope to record early next year.   The view of a family with all its quirks and tenderness gave me much to think about .  .  . During this trip, as I often do when I am away from home, I gave myself time to think about my life and the direction I am going.  I made some big decisions for myself that I hope to follow through on over the next few years.  Life tends to move one with or without one's active involvement.  I plan on having my say in the matter quite assertively. Seattle is a different world far removed from my little corner in the south.  Giant trolls live under sprawling bridges.  Ghosts wander through town leaving a trail of fog in their wake.  An army of mountains stand guard just over the horizon--majestic in their quiet, stoic vigilance.   Towers scrape the clouds of an overcast sky.  People from all over the world live here as exotic textures and flavors abound.   This is a place where the ocean greets the land, and the salt of the sea travels no further.  There is a richness here--fed by rain, cradled by water. I hold a deep fondness for this magical place. I returned to Nashville feeling refreshed and renewed for the year to come.  I am so grateful for the time I had away. -gordon

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