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A Ramble

I haven't been super motivated to write here for the past two weeks. I started two posts, got sick of them, and now they're sitting as drafts. One's about having even less stuff and the other is about radical honesty. Maybe I'll finish soon.

Instead I'll just write about what's on my mind, because otherwise who knows when I'll post next.

First the main reason I haven't been excited about posting - I'm making a new product. Not a pickup product, though.

7 minutes

On Getting Real

I have seven minutes to stream of conscious something cause I don't think I'll get another shot at writing today, but I am determined to try and at least keep my mind thinking about writing. Today's observations: I'm an awesome Mom. Darren usually wakes Nila up but since he had an early morning meeting the task fell to me and my chosen form of wake-age was to climb in bed with her, cuddle and then have a tickle contest. It was awesome and the cuddles and giggles were sublime. Observaton #2: I'm a terrible mother. Because we spent so much time cuddling and giggling, we ran short on basic get-ready-time and so the last ten minutes we were together I was a slave driver, impatiently getting her into her shoes and jacket and out the door so we could make it to school in before the late bell rang (I've given up caring about the first bell). Observation #3: I can be a big jerk. I was reading through old messages exchanged between myself and one my facebook friends whose conversation I enjoy immensely, yet as I read back through our exchanges, well, I kind of come off looking like a big, self-absorbed jerk. Course, he's kind of full of himself, too. I'm reminded of a quote from another friend long ago, "Are you so self-absorbed you can't see how self-absorbed I am?" Still, Shame on me. I'll try to do better. Observation #4: Someday, when I grow up, I'm going to be a brilliant writer and psychologist. Alright, one more minute to go...I actually spent most of my day perusing camp options in the area and trying to find the most rewarding experiences for Nila at the best price. This is a huge are and there are a lot, a LOT of options. This is a tough game for a maximiser. Okay. That's time for today.

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