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The Amazing Race for The Amazing Race

Wow. This has got to be one of my all time best stories.

On Wednesday night I was talking to my good friend Jonah and was telling him about the show "The Amazing Race", and how I wanted to apply this year. Jonah and I have gone on a lot of trips together and somehow don't grate on each other's nerves at all. I have a lot of respect for him and his abilities, so I thought he'd be a perfect partner for The Amazing Race. For those of you who don't know about this tv-tastic gem, it's basically a race / scavenger hunt around the world.

I meandered to the application site, downloaded the application, and began to check out the requirements. Guess when the due date for the tape was? Friday at 5pm, which meant that we had one day to create a 3 minute video, fill out the two 11 page applications and get some passport sized photos taken. Not one to back down from a challenge due to complete lack of time, I convinced Jonah to get on board.

Blah Blah Blah

On The Daily Vomit

Ok back with this one. I suppose i should try and make this one into a blog post draft or something. What should it be about. Not really sure. I suppose I could talk about how this last week totally screwed up my sleep schedule, or more like my sleep schedule got totally screwed up for some unknown reason. I suppose i could blame it on the time change, saying it threw me off, and since I've only been on this new schedule for about 6 or 7 weeks that is the reason why the time change effected it so drastic. Not sure if that’s true, but what the hell why not, I'll buy it. So the goal is to get back on track this week and start getting shit again. the worse part about the whole sleeping in thing was my creativity suffered. I didn't get a chance to write properly nor did I get any work on music done. The writing suffered the worse, because when i got home, i was always just so burnt out i didn’t; feel like writing, so i would just put on the headset, open dragon, and just read out loud for a while until i reached the daily number goal. Totally cheating, but at least i didn't loose any days because of my laziness.

But the music, there is no excuse for that. I could have worked on my projects when i got home. But I kept on trying to get to sleep early, which never happened, so i kept telling myself i will work on it in the morning, then morning would come and i would sleep in. Not cool,

So it goes with out saying that i didn't get any music recorded this week, which in turn is going to mean i failed in my trying to record 4 songs this month. BUT, if i can get everything I proposed to myself done this week, I will have gotten two songs recorded, and one good one, provided that the song i plan on rerecording turns out as well as I'm hoping it will. Which i think there is a good chance of that happening. I actually recorded this the week before last, and it turned out ok. I mixed it and put it up in the NSC VIP forum for some suggestion on what to do with it, and everyone was so supportive of the actual song, and encouraged me to to go ahead, and re-track to get better performances, better recordings, and add a couple more parts for the arrangement, like keyboards and vocals. So I'm going to give that a shot and see what comes of it. So that should be fun. If I finish it by next weekend, I'll at least have one good recorded song for the month of march. Not bad.

Next month starts the cover song month. Which i sort of started a few years ago, and I think I'm going to try and keep that going every year, April be a cover song month. This years i have two in mind and I'll see if I have time I will do more. Since these are secret what they'll be, I won't reveal until they are done.

What else? not sure. I guess I'll talk a little bit about what i plan on getting out of the way today and hopefully I will have reached my 750 word goal by the time this record side is over.

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