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How I Became a Famous Pickup Artist : Part 1

As far as I was concerned, she was perfect. She was at least as smart as I was, was a dancer and had the body to prove it, and had a smile that could disarm the national guard. Let's call her Julie.

So, like an earthworm stalking it's prey, I put my usual game on her. Since my last flowchart was so popular, I've made another one to show you how I dealt with the ladies back then:

Nedless to say, things went slowly. We hung out nearly every day for the last couple months of our Senior year summer vacation. Like many guys, I was totally oblivious to her attraction for me. One morning Julie came over really early while I was still sleeping, and squeezed into my twin bed with me. I woke up, and assumed that she must be tired - it didn't even occur to me that she might like me. Finally on the last week of that vacation she said to me,


On Stuff in a Notebook

Got my passport renewed recently, I needed to before my Prague trip, and I'm pretty stoked. It was sad to have to part ways (temporarily and permanently) with my old passport. Temporarily, because I'll get it back in the mail, but permanently because I can never use that passport again. It has become a simple scrapbook of my adventures.

I wanted to fill my passport completely with stamps, one day I will fill an entire passport. But for now, that passport with stamps from the USA, Spain, Japan, Korea, and France is going in a memory box in the corner. With the photos that increase nostalgia and the burning desire to travel again. It is sad to leave those memories and stamps behind, but it's exciting because I get a clean slate for this new, adult chapter of my life.

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