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Life Nomadic Kindle is $2.99

The other day, Karol Gajda sent me an email saying that I ought to sell Life Nomadic for $2.99, and that if I did, the volume would make up for the lower sale price. Worth a try, right?

So, for a while at least, the Kindle version of Life Nomadic is $2.99 on Amazon. If you take at least one trip a year, the money-saving tips alone will pay for the book many times over. Of course, there's a lot more to the book than that, evidenced by the emails I get all the time from people saying the book changed their lives.

Speaking of which, if you have read Life Nomadic, PLEASE leave a review on Amazon. This helps Amazon circulate it in its recommendations engine, which helps me get sales.


On The Words of Focus Project

Today's Mantra: "Long term consistency trumps short term intensity." - Bruce Lee

Man oh man have I been avoiding this one. I did not want to write this. Instead of spending the last hour writing, I spent the last hour avoiding writing.

I hung out today. I chilled with Matt and Gary, hung out with Nico and Jenny and Muka, had a drive with Emy (who thinks that I am 30 xD).

It was cool.

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