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The Hustler's MBA

I've been saying that college is obsolete for a very long time. I dropped out in 2000, because even back then I could see that it was a really poor value proposition. I didn't predict this because I'm some crazy genius, but because I'm willing to discard emotional attachment and stare plainly at the facts.

School is outrageously expensive, leaving graduates with a debt (or net expenditure) of tens of thousands of dollars-- sometimes even one or two hundred thousand. There are some things that are worth that amount of money, but for many people school isn't one of them. In fact, apart from very specific cases, I think that school is a bad thing, not worth doing even if it was free.

That's not to say that school has no benefits whatsoever. It does, and although I left with zero additional skills after my three semesters there, I had a good time and benefited from the social aspect. The problem is that you can't just compare college to doing nothing at all. You have to compare it to what you COULD have done.

Let's say that when you turn eighteen, it's a good idea to take four years to develop yourself. College is one way to do that. If we were to construct an alternative way to do that, what could it look like? One of the biggest weaknesses of school is how inflexible it is, so one of the greatest benefits of designing your own curriculum is that you could come up with one that uniquely suits you. That said, here's a plan that I think would benefit many people MORE than school would. Let's call it the Hustler's MBA.

2014, the road ahead.

On Ideas in the Making

Due to not having any money at the start of the year I missed out on one of the greatest bull markets of a generation. Stocks are up over 30% this year according to the S&P500, and other markets are looking prime for massive success in the years to come. Regardless, 2014 looks to be another solid year. With the U.S. economy recovering, the financial markets might see a "double dip" where the strong bullish enthusiasm that pushed stocks this year is furthered by strong economic come back. Coming into next year Here are the thing I want to get handled.

1. As mentioned before, I have decided that finance and trading is where I want to be, at least for the foreseeable future. I forgot what blogpost it was exactly, But I analyzed all the options available to me, ranging from programming to poker to internet marketting and deciding that the trading lifestyle most suits me. This year, due to countless issues, I have been unable to trade extensively in the real markets and have instead focused almost bitcoin market, which I was somewhat successful at. I am almost down tieing down all the lose corners I have with my old job/money making routines and making the shift to almost exclusively focusing on trading and the markets. So far I love analzying stocks and finding strategies that minimize losses and maximize gain consistently. I am also having some luck finding the markets biggest movers everyday, and choosing stocks with limited downside risk. Next year will be interesting.

2. Languages: I have decided to pick up languages again. I want to focus on Japanese and German, as I have always had an interest in these two languages, cultures, and countries, but also want to get more serious and develop a routine and possibly get a tutor. Japanese has always been the language I have had real passion about, but it is also significantly harder to learn, more expensive to hire tutors for, and more time consuming.

3. Become more productive: its hard to really describe what I mean by this, but ultimately I just want to get more done. I want to spend more time learning languages, more time studying markets, more time doing thing deliberately and purposely. While this year was utterly leagues better than 2012: I played the least video games I've ever played since I was 10, I made money, I wrote a good amount of blogposts and I learned some basic skills in programming, Finance and also read books, I want next year to be even more productive. I want to be reading books constantly, Completely eliminate games, Focus on learning languages and studying markets. Less time on facebook and reddit or time just generally spent doing nothing.

4. Travel: 2013 had some great travel, but no international travel, and I mostly revisited places, and places I went to that were new I was in very little time. I went to Portland, Yosemite, Redwood and vermont for the first time, but other than that nothing. I plan for 2014 to have some good foreign travel, with me wanting to return to Europe and explore Asia.

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