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My 2009 In Review

I've given up on doing my yearly or bi-yearly goals. Why? I don't actually do them, and I don't actually care. I like having a somewhat chaotic life, changing my priorities and focus as I go along. Most of the time when I look back at my previous incomplete goals I'm glad I didn't complete them, or at least I'm glad I sacrificed them for other goals. When I do actually complete a yearly goal, it tends to be because it remained important to me, not because I was constantly referring back to my goal list.

This year I'm going to try something a little bit different. I'm going to cover what I did this year and what I could have done better.

Here's what I did that I'm happy about:

Getting a Cheap Spanish Tutor in Cordoba

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Córdoba, Argentina is a great place to study Spanish.

The city is home to 7 undergrad universities so in many ways studying is what this city is all about.

When you decide to study Spanish you could opt to go to one of the Spanish schools here in Córdoba. Here is information on three 3 popular schools.


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