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I wrote out this entire post before, and then the computer crashed and I lost it all, so I haven't felt like working on it. Finally, I'm biting the bullet and starting over :

Trips: Germany- Senf, or the green mustard

On Herald Hippo

and I ain't talking about the green fairy.. Feeling and acting like a girl is not always good. Honestly, the idea of going home and cooking, especially to seem smart in front of somebody else, is not good if you don't get your facts straight. So here I was, in the beautiful city of Stuttgart, in the store picking up the ingredients for the fish salad. Easy. The store seemed a bit under attack as people were dropping bottles, coffee, or other stuff that could be dropped, on the floor. Good girl. Shopping was done. Got home, smoked a cig to gather the courage of going upstairs (just 5 stories) with all them bags, then off I was. Almost cyanotic I open the door, throw myself in, and die. Once recovered is off to the fish salad action. Onions, cream cheese, fish, lemons. And then it hit me. I need mustard. No worries, we should have mustard in the house. After all, the dude has a pretty good equipped kitchen. And searching, searching and searching. Nada, zip, zero. WTF?! One should have mustard. I embrace the truth and decide on the options: 1. do the salad with no mustard 2. go buy mustard Option 2 means going down ...that means that I have to go up again. DAIM! After 15 minutes and several other searches I decide. OK ..I will go buy it. I pick the lucky turkish store that was anyhow the only one opened and as well the closest. The sale guy, a cute young turk watches me as I try to figure out which one of the jars contains mustard. Finally I ask him: "Do you have mustard?". "Mustard? What is mustard?"- "You know mustard, as in ketchup, mayo and mustard? It's yellow." "Yellow? Nooo, I have this (points out to a tube with some flowers on it) but it's green. No mustard." As he did not seem convinced I gave up. Went all the way back up as anyhow no other store was opened, and it hits me. What if? How is mustard called in german after all? Yes ladies and gents it's senf, it was the tube with the green stuff in it. I search again in the fridge, find a leftover that made almost a spoon. It was the same. And it was yellow.

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