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Random Notes on Places I've Visited Recently

I haven't been writing travel stories recently, but since I've been through so many different cities in the past month, I figure I should share a few little notes on each, just in case you're heading through one of them soon.


I just can't get into Beijing. It's not a bad city, but it's sprawling, smoggy, and a little bit faceless. This time I stayed in the hutongs (alleys), which was pretty interesting. Forbidden city is really neat, but the park right behind it is at least as interesting. Climb to the top for a great view. The only reasonably healthy restaurant we found was Saveurs de Coree, a Korean restaurant. Everything was pretty pricey, except for the bibimbap set meal that comes with little Korean appetizers, fried tofu with onions, bibimbap, and cinnamon tea. Not perfectly healthy, but the best I came across.



On Wanderlust

Land of pizza and gelato!! I was lucky enough to travel to a few cities in Italy. My first stop was a short trip to the leaning tower of Pisa in Pisa Italy! It is a very cool building to check out but it is so packed with tourists that it’s hard to take a cliché photo of the tower. Also try and avoid the pizza from the carts here, its not very good and its pricey!

Next stop was down to Firenze!! A couple of my friends were studying in Florence for the semester and was able to show me the secret perks of the city. An incredible Panini shop that everyone needs to go to is called “Pinos.” Every sandwich is inexpensive and made with the freshest ingredients. Anything you try will not disappoint.

For some authentic incredible pizza, I recommend making your way to Gusta Pizza and get the classic margarita. You get a small pie to yourself and the sauce, bread, and cheese is amazing! After lunch you obviously need some gelato!! I went to probably ten different gelato places in Florence but my all time favorite with an incredible view of the Duomo was “mordilatte”. Try the Crème Catalina flavor its awesome!

For a fancy dinner I recommend making your way to Zazas. Sit outside and enjoy the freshly made bread and a nice tall glass of wine. Another great place to eat dinner is at “El Gato y El Volpe“ The portion sizes are huge and the pasta is so fresh! If you do the family option dining, you have unlimited wine as well! My friends and I probably went through 4 bottles by the time we made it to dessert!

Two tourist spots that you must visit is the Duomo cathedral and the bell tower. The Duomo is absolutely beautiful on the outside and the inside. The paintings and architecture is amazing. The walk up to the top is pretty crazy but it’s a fun experience! WEAR COMFORTBALE SHOES!! The bell towers hike is even more intense but the view at the top makes it all worth it. You have a 360 degrees view of Florence and its breathtaking.

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