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The 2011 Gear Update: Style Edition

(Note: if you haven't read last year's post, you may want to read it first, since this is only the gear that is different)

During South by Southwest this year I was lucky enough to see the Kanye West show (thanks to my brother, Devon, and Colt Woody). Kanye had about a million different guests with him, ranging from Jay-Z to people I'd never heard of before.

Mos Def opened up the concert dressed in a suit, wearing a sequined mask. Rihanna came out with a futuristic halter top that looked like it was made out of seatbelts or something. Halfway through the set, I notice something strange-- a stagehand dressed in all black is singing one of the choruses. Kanye does his verse, and then the stagehand starts singing again. What's going on?

It turns out that the stagehand was actually Bon Iver, but unlike the rest of the artists in the set, he was dressed in boring clothes. Ahh, I thought, maybe there is some function in fashion after all. This guy is at a huge concert, on stage, singing, and I STILL thought he was a stagehand just because he was dressed so plainly.

Will I Be A Good Driver?

On Dave's Footsteps

I can’t confidently say yes to that right now, but I hope so someday. I tend to panic easily. I have to overcome that first. The only thing I can drive right now is a motorcycle. And I know I am not good at it. My eye and body coordination is still so poor. Instead of pulling the brakes with my hand, I use my feet the stop the motorcycle. And it always causes me to hit on the accelerator. I am such a bad driver right now. My brother is a required passenger every time I am to practice driving.

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