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Live Longer by Riding a Motorcycle (sort of)

When I tell people I ride a motorcycle, they're either really excited (because they ride too), or horrified that I would take such careless risks with my life. Just how dangerous is motorcycle riding, though? Before I bought my first bike I did some research and came to the conclusion: not very.

Let's look at the data.

In 2006, there were 35 motorcycle deaths per 100 million miles of distance traveled by motorcyclist. That means that, on average, for me to die riding a motorcycle, I'd have to ride 2.8 million miles, assuming I'm an average rider. Last year I rode somewhere around 1000 miles, giving me a .035% chance of death.

That's a lot of riding, and not a lot of death.


On The Magnificent Butterfly

As you can see I accidentally ended doing a very broncos fan mani... But I love this color combo so imma keep it until it starts chipping or I get my new box, whichever happens first!

I made a Thai Noodle-steak salad... Very light and refreshing, but not something I would make again. It has one tblspn of fish sauce, but it's so stinky that after mixing all the ingredients and cooking the steak you can still smell it. If you like fruit mixed with your dinner this one has watermelon, a good contrasting flavor to all the others.

I have to say that I'm a bit upset with h&m before I got married I used to buy clothes there and they fit perfectly and the quality is ok. On my recent order I got as always one size up, but the clothes are not designed for Hispanic chick hips.... So they didn't close... Had to return all including the dress.... To narrow on the bottom rib area.... Just plainly disappointed!!!

I love Julep.... Is a program where you get a monthly box with nail products, or beauty products or both for I believe it's $25 or is it $20?!?.... Something like that every month. Usually on the first order all you have to do is pay shipping and you get a starter box, you can skip a month buy the secret store every 1st-3rd of every month for some really great deals. I totally recommend their beauty products. I try not to let my feet dry out I'm constantly scrubbing, exfoliating, moisturizing, soaking, deep moisturizing... Usually a 3-4 products routine. In my last box I got a foot lotion it says to apply as needed and that's all, my feet are baby soft after 4 uses, 2 times a day, two days... Love this minty lotion. Anyway if anyone is interested follow this link


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