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Hello, Japan

I have no idea why, but these flights to Tokyo seem so short. Despite staying up the night before I only managed to sleep for five of the twelve hours we spent on the plane. The rest of the time was spent entertaining the four year old next to me with magic tricks, reading her book about Disney princesses, and showing her how to draw on the computer.

The girl next to Todd slept in the most interesting position I've ever seen. Defying age old Japanese Etiquette, I took a picture for you.

Once we took the bus to Tokyo we were met by Blair, the guy renting us a room. Our room last year was fine, but nothing exceptional. This year we have a huge room with two beds, a couch, a TV, and a mini fridge. It's like a little hotel room. The rest of the house has a nice kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathroom shared by the rest of the residents.

May 12: Continued Exceptions on Eva's Birthday

On Leo Habits

So Monday was Eva's birthday, and I had an entire celebration day planned for her:

This was a planned cheat day. I know I cheated unplanned for Mother's Day, but I decided to go with my planned cheat on her birthday because I just couldn't resist all that stuff all day. It was a tiring day and my resistance was low.

So I ate a fair amount, but didn't ever stuff myself. I actually enjoyed the day.

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