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Hello, Japan

I have no idea why, but these flights to Tokyo seem so short. Despite staying up the night before I only managed to sleep for five of the twelve hours we spent on the plane. The rest of the time was spent entertaining the four year old next to me with magic tricks, reading her book about Disney princesses, and showing her how to draw on the computer.

The girl next to Todd slept in the most interesting position I've ever seen. Defying age old Japanese Etiquette, I took a picture for you.

Once we took the bus to Tokyo we were met by Blair, the guy renting us a room. Our room last year was fine, but nothing exceptional. This year we have a huge room with two beds, a couch, a TV, and a mini fridge. It's like a little hotel room. The rest of the house has a nice kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathroom shared by the rest of the residents.

Video of the Week: Mr. Curiosity

On Where Pianos Roam

Last week while I was in Alabama, I went with my friend Toby to buy my very first Jason Mraz CD.  I've always casually admired his work over the years and have heard from numerous folks about how great a singer and lyricist he is.  I stood in Best Buy trying to choose between which three of his albums to buy, and Toby (who happens to be a huge fan) more or less made the decision for me. I wound up purchasing this .  .  . This is actually his second album and arguably his best so far.  (Though I hear that the latest one holds its own quite well.)  It's called Mr. A-Z, and I've been listening to it in my car all week.  Overall, it's a solid album full of lovely pop gems like Bella Luna, Wordplay, The Geek In the Pink, Plane, and the amazing first song Life Is Wonderful. His lyrics and delivery lack pretentiousness.  They are often quirky, fun, and surprisingly insightful. One song, in particular, has really connected with me.  I've been playing it on repeat a whole lot, and coincidentally, it is a piano ballad that transitions into cello in the latter half.  Two of my favorite instruments used to great effect in one song!!!  How awesome is that?  He even sings opera close to the end!! Mostly though, the lyrics resonate with a lot that's been on my mind lately.  It cuts to the core of things that are too important to let go. This week's Video of the Week is a fan-made video of Mr. Curiosity.  I found it on youtube, and appropriately enough, it highlights this song's lyrical power.  Mr. Mraz is a gifted man, and I hope to hear more from him for many years to come .  .  . [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW_JMBWd-c4] I hope I never stop being curious about such delicate things .  .  . -gordo

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