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Tynan Goes to School

Where can you find me at 2pm on a Thursday? If you guessed by the pool being fed peeled grapes by the Swedish bikini team, you'll be surprised to hear that you're wrong.

No, really. You're wrong... At least this Thursday.

Actually, my friend Hayden.. WAIT... this is an important but totally unrelated sidenote :


On The Wild While of Mild Miles

When did the whirlpool become an ocean?

I've been drifting; in between days, floating from one dreary hour to the next. A go with the flow momentum, no matter the maelstrom of monumental strife met at certain moments in my life.

There's an old saying, I remember my father trying to reinforce

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

I've always considered that a paradox. After all, if you have a plan to fail, that's still a plan, isn't it? And it has a rather high chance of guaranteed success. But that's circular, defeatist thinking, isn't it? And we're not allowed to have that are we, as a species striving towards the next stage of evolution, our progressive culture programmed way before puberty struck with self-awareness.

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