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Tynan Goes to School

Where can you find me at 2pm on a Thursday? If you guessed by the pool being fed peeled grapes by the Swedish bikini team, you'll be surprised to hear that you're wrong.

No, really. You're wrong... At least this Thursday.

Actually, my friend Hayden.. WAIT... this is an important but totally unrelated sidenote :

Where there's smoke, there's fire (and s'mores)

On Mike Dariano

My children love bonfires. They love them so much I have no doubt on which side of the Salem witch trials they would have sided.

“Wait, did you see that old Marie up the road has harvested some orange peppers?”

“Orange? We only grow green peppers round these parts, she must be a witch.”

“Burn her!”

There would have been bonfires ranging across the entirety of New England just so my kids could enjoy them.

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