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A Cute True Story

More than fifty years ago, my mother's father went to a dance. Back then that was how you met people.

The room was divided into two sides. The guys were standing near one wall, and the girls were at the other. In the middle were a few couples dancing, but more prominent was the wide open space that separated the two groups.

No man's land.

The day I danced with Matt Harding

On in the works of creating me

"Where the Hell is Matt?" is a video of a man named Matt Harding who was sponsored by Stride Gum to travel all around the world and film himself dancing.

I was first exposed to the video attached above when I was in seventh grade when my teach played it for my science class on earth day. She was trying to show us how much of an awesome world we are surrounded by and how much we need to feel obligated to take care of it.

I was awestruck. The wanderlust only took seconds to creep through my twelve year old veins. The video quite literally effected my life and I just could never quite pinpoint why. Obviously the sense of adventure it stimulated within me is most likely inevitable with all who have seen the video, but to me there was so much more to appreciate. The simplicity of his silly dance captivated me. The people in the background who occasionally joined in made me want absorb myself right into the video. And that is just what I did.

So about a year later, the video was still on my constant radar screen. I shared it with just about everyone I knew. Eventually I did my research about the making of the video and somehow signed up to receive an email about Matt's travels. Little did I know that signing up for an email list that I did not fully understand would have such a lasting effect on me. About a year after that I got an email saying, "Matt is coming to your area and he wants to dance with you!"

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